Urd, Verd, and Skurd viability?


How effective is UVS vs past mythics? Ie Pathox, Coranth, etc…

I can get UVS no issues this season if desired.

Let’s leave Surt completely out of this discussion.

Edit: Now that UVS will be buffed, let’s discuss that:

Upcoming Changes to the Winterjól Mythic, Surt - Discussion Thread

I have him on my main and I love him. Definitely the most technical warrior I’ve used and I’ve had no issue with rage or taking out high level towers for my tier. It does require strategy and planning but I have the previous three divines, corthanak, huitzel and pathox and uvs has been keeping up with them and I haven’t even fully geared or runed him up yet.

Biggest thing for me though is he is fun and effective and makes even boring runs more enjoyable or shorter as long as you don’t go back with alter fate.

Plus I know you said not too mention but because of surt I feel he is less likely to be nerfed. They did not nerf aristrat as far as I know, so I’m hoping for my first true mythic. Knock on wood.

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He can kill my invader base lvl 315. Him being lvl 16 :joy:.


Aristrat didn’t get nerf because( this is my opinion) no one complained about him being Over over powered like “Surt”, he has a good spell kit but some of his spells got a Lengthy cool down in my honest opinion.

UVS won’t get nerf either his spell kit involves actual “Skills” & “Timing” that something “Surt” dose not have.

UVS I heard great things from LC(League Chat) from higher lv players & other UVS owners.


I find them to be very fun to fly and totally viable in Vanguard.

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Also, can I just add in the fun factor here.

Faking out defenders with Alter Fate is my new favorite pastime on resource runs.


Shouldnt UrVerSker be female since it is based on 3 goddesses of time?


Love it!


So how much better is he than Neptus within the same tier?


It’s hard to say if UVS is better than Nep at the same den cap, but I did swap my best ice gear to her well before she was at a comparable level. I would say more effective against defenders though. Definitely more fun than Nep, since you don’t really have many options as far as what to do with Nep.


In wars at the same evolution stone cap is what I’m referring to


Nep is a better cleaner, but UVS is much better as far as soloing or leading when you are expecting defenders.


Thank you for the input, now to decide whether I want a mythic for free or spend a pack or so on getting surt


Question: who’s really worth getting?:man_shrugging:t2:
UVS Or Surt :flushed:
I love dragons that involve Skills & Timing to use there spell kit effectively. An I don’t know about you guys but a dragon that require skills to fly is much rewarding then a dragon that’s doesn’t :man_shrugging:t2:


Lol no this not about uvs vs Surt. As Surt is the better dragon. I think if your able and chose to pick uvs over Surt for the reasons you stated is a mistake. There are many tedious tasks within this game that makes Surt perfect for.

Overall as long as the dragon is more effective than neptus and Gunnar I’ll be happy. Only thing I don’t like about UVS is the potential for extra time being required to defeat the same base as another dragon.

Ultimately my decision will likely be made on if I want to spend any money or not or if they mess with Surt too much more. I’m ok if they mess with survivability some. But I’m not ok if they change his play style dramatically. Only thing in that regard I’d be accepting of is trading incinerate for a healing death stare without messing with survivability


Seems some disagree about Surt being the better dragon further up. But I guess since so many like push button dragons and don’t care that they may have to learn something with UVS that he is garbage because you might actually have to use skill and tactics to use him.

I am loving him, even though I haven’t mastered timing quite right yet. I am really glad I went for UVS


Yea if UVS has solid potential a tier up the same as Surt (just not as easily obviously) then that’s cool


Which one is better :weary::weary::weary::weary::weary::weary::weary::weary::weary: