Urd, Verd, and Skurd viability?


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UVS has also the option of becoming in the future a good perch dragon, being a warrior. I still haven’t incubated him but I’m looking for it, seems very decent


UVS is a fun dragon to fly against defended bases, you can trip up the defenders SS by Alter Ftaing the right time.


So can uvs dodge mage super shots by teleport front as well as teleport back? Started to flying him and learning.


Yes. Can dodge front and back


Is uvs really that fun? I got him, but im intended to perch


Fly him a couple of times to get a feel of his spell kit & take it from there if you want to fly him or put him on your perch. Up to you.


I generally hate warriors because I find them too boring to fly. UVS is the first warrior I have had fun flying since I had to retire Skarr from my roster (mine went to sapphire but I’m flying obsidian dragons now).


I am really having fun with him and learning how to use him. Only have to Emerald, almost Obsidian, but the more I fly him the more I really have fun with him.


Thanks for sugestion guys, ill try to fly him with def armor and def rider :star_struck:


Definitely fun to fly, although attacks take a little longer than usual :laughing:


Yes and it is possible to dodge at the same island twice. Depending on the layout you can jump forward (with a wait to next Island) to trigger an island, jump back to dodge, wait until you get up to the island a second time and jump forward, trigger in the forward jump, and go back to dodge again.

On a defender who queues supershots you can get 15 supers dodged fairly easily. If they are good at triggering as needed you will have difficulty with more than 1 defender. It’s still a super fun dragon and has tons of utility. Usually his spellset allows you to get at least 5 towers killed.


Do you have Jorm? I need more ice gear. I took mine off of gunnar despite enjoying him


I don’t, only did Itz and Oni, partly because I knew I couldn’t spare the gear. I currently have three riders equipped with ice gear, UVS has full elite, others for Gunnar and Neptus, but Neptus’s will go to Tuktu next breed.


UVS is a fun dragon to fly but not even close to Surt. If UVS has problems on a base defended by a smart defender, three smart defenders can’t stop Surt. And I am talking about bases with towers of the same tier as UVS / Surt. Forget about UVS prevailing against bases with towers levels above his tier when defended…


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EidolonRM, as a MOD you should set a good example and stay on topic. The op requested to leave Surt out of the discussion. You can express your opinion for the umpteenth time in the Surt thread. Same goes for you, GoldFangSniper :wink:

Getting back on topic, UVS is one of the best tactical warriors we have seen in a long time. Well rounded spell set that is fun and viable for farming and pvp events. However, it would not be my go to choice of dragon for wars or Atlas attacks where you would expect 2+ savvy defenders.


No they can’t, I tried defending ate lv 500+ during war with 2 other teammates. We drain him of his rage & he just tanks damage like a warrior then uses “Burning Heatred” then he dose the same thing all over again.

At least UVS requires skills to fly effectively, not like Surt.