Urd, Verd & Skuld Discussion


I had been working on getting Urd, Verd & Skuld, but after watching videos on his skills I am hesitant as he has skills similar to Hauheset, which I find impossible to learn to fly. I know many people have mastered his skills, but I just do not get flying him. So my thoughts are maybe the new dragon is not right for me.

Has anyone got that far to give an analysis and advise on how hard he is to learn to fly. His skills look like they would be great but learning them I am not sure they would be so easy. I love a good Warrior but he doesn’t seem to have normal warrior traits.


He’s a lot easier to fly than hau, but he still requires planning, anticipation of what the def is going to do, etc.


He requires tatical thinking. Just practice


Maybe he isn’t for me. I can think through my attacks, but Hauheset was just next to impossible for me to coordinate his skills, so am thinking I might need to be looking at another Mythic sadly.


As I said, he’s easier than hau. He’s not in shift like hau, he doesn’t attract shots back when he rewinds, and he gains a 40% hp shield whenever he presses tele or rewind, so it’s a lot more forgiving.


It helps that UVS is a warrior and not a hunter, plus if it isn’t a short base, you can “rewind” more than the two times that Hau lets you.


Hauheset is still a whole other level beyond him. UVS has some skill requirements but honestly it’s not that high.


UVS is kinda like Hau, if Hau had training wheels :joy:


Ok you guys have convinced me to keep on with my progress for the dragon. I just hate to invest that many sigils and time and find I can’t fly him. His skills look awesome and he looks like an awesome dragon but I really don’t want another I end up putting in storage cause I can’t fly him.


I got my frustration with hau too, just a few successful flights with the beast. Still aiming for UVS, hej seems to be quite decent and still better than surt


The different between UVS and hau is fairly huge. You can’t blink and you can’t reverse in the same way. Those are the very high skill moves she has.

The main thing your gonna need to do is just get used to using your teleport to dodge super shots (when you see defenders time it as you go round the corner) and then on the way back just make a judgment call on when to head back. While these take some thinking, mechanically it’s so much easier than hau as it’s a single button press and it’s white so it’s hard to mess up.

Outside of that it’s a fairly standard warrior playstyle.


Thank you, this makes me feel better. I just had wondered since I am almost done with Hildr if I was making a mistake going for UVS. I really like the skills but worried the dragon was going to be difficult like Hau. Truth is I hated Hau and as soon as I got Hau to breeding I benched.


I like Hau but I didn’t put in quite enough time to learn her properly. And most of the time I’d rather fly more lazily than what Hau demands of you :laughing:


I want those training wheels!


Since you’re already so invested, I’m sure you opened a ton of chests at the beginning of the season. You might as well finish. I’ve watched a few videos of UVS, I think he will be decent. :slight_smile:


He might be the 3rd best warrior in game, after destar and Oni. That’s how I see it at least


I did I did, as this will be my first Mythic and I sure don’t want a stinker of a dragon ha ha


Did PG change the way mythics are unlocked? I finished Gunnar & Hildr’s first pages but UVS is still unlocked


Its been the same for 2 seasons now and the seasons before summer season too. You have to finish both full lines to unlock the mythic. You’re thinking of Huitzil season or something.


Chinballs >> Destar IMO.