Urd, Verd & Skuld Discussion


Pretty sure Aristrat is lot better then UVS… this guy will lack dmg power… spell have too high CD and rage cost


I disagree :man_shrugging:t3:


Chinballs?? Are you saying Jotun? :joy::joy:

@GalaadQF Aristrat didn’t seem to be loved by the ones who got him, but maybe yes 🤷


He is definitely more forgiving than Hau. He can do quite a lot of damage quickly with Rampage, and Time Stop is a massive AOE which is 1-shotting farms with adequate gear. Alter Fate is definitely a bit of a cat and mouse game with a defender, as it is best used to dodge SS, kill some towers while under shield, then rewind. His main weakness is that all spells cost 2 rage, so getting rage drained is the end of him. However, this is true of most dragons TBH.


Thanks for the comments, I am still going to try for him. Hopefully not sorry I did as it has been a lot of work getting to where I am and hoping to get him. I have two more stones to finish on Hildr then can go for him.


If PG wants to make UVS somewhat viable, his shield should be able to absorbe mages supershots, something like the Magic Barrier on Jormungard

Regarding UVS vs Surt, you can’t even compare them. One is a meh dragon, the other one is OP



I think that would eliminate the skill factor though. As of now you have to play it smart and use alter fate to get rid of them. Just my teeny tiny opinion of course


Alter fate doesn’t eliminate anything. It teleports the dragon just at about the end of the Long Island where a mage is waiting and bye bye rage. Then he comes back and the super shots of the mage towers at the front of the island get him anyway, because the alter fate doesn’t eliminate them… it only dodges them.


Thén you have to wait till the supershots fire to dodge them…correct me if Im mistaken but if the tower fires and the supershot is already airborne…that supershot is gone. It’s only if you alter fate too early that the supershots don’t go off, saving them for when you come back. @Lutrus can you confirm if this is correct?


Yep, that’s correct


If they fire, they will get you, alter fate or not. I am not sure if it is the intended mechanics… but that happens even when u time ur alter fate. Unfortunately you can’t blink them.


Thats incorrect, you can blink ss entirely.


I have to say I defended a mate one or 2 weeks ago and I killed UVS with mage shots. And he was on par with the base


It’s not my experience… I alter fate before the ss gets to me and after the mage shot it… and it got me anyway. I’ll experiment more with this one… but I was like “what a hell”.


I don’t have UVS yet but…

“ Alter Fate - Active | White | 2 Rage

  • After 1 second, the Dragon will teleport forward…”

Sounds like its not an instant removal from combat like cloak. I guess you have to hit the spell a little more than a second before you would get hit with mages? Maybe someone with the dragon can confirm.


That one second is important. I tested again and I could dodge the super shot, but you have to time it right. But, the mage at the end of the Long Island or next one will get you anyway. Compare him with Surt and there is in fact nothing to compare.


It’s an entire new class. SKILL !!! warrior.

This thing can do very good and EXTREMELY BAD.

Surt is just dumb.

Hit 3 spells don’t even bother swipe attacking. Ugh, boredom galore. But yeah granted. It’s easy. You don’t have to time anything right.


Did someone just say UVS requires skill? :eyes: You don’t say!


Whatever :joy::joy::joy: