Urd, Verd & Skuld Discussion


Pretty sure Aristrat is lot better then UVS… this guy will lack dmg power… spell have too high CD and rage cost


I disagree :man_shrugging:t3:


Chinballs?? Are you saying Jotun? :joy::joy:

@GalaadQF Aristrat didn’t seem to be loved by the ones who got him, but maybe yes 🤷


He is definitely more forgiving than Hau. He can do quite a lot of damage quickly with Rampage, and Time Stop is a massive AOE which is 1-shotting farms with adequate gear. Alter Fate is definitely a bit of a cat and mouse game with a defender, as it is best used to dodge SS, kill some towers while under shield, then rewind. His main weakness is that all spells cost 2 rage, so getting rage drained is the end of him. However, this is true of most dragons TBH.


Thanks for the comments, I am still going to try for him. Hopefully not sorry I did as it has been a lot of work getting to where I am and hoping to get him. I have two more stones to finish on Hildr then can go for him.