Urd, Verd Skull Branch Prizes


I’m looking at prize 54 which is the third last box of the branch - 2 gold chests?

I hope this is a mistake…500 sigils for 2 gold chests…


Same as Pathox last season. I’m guessing you’re new to Mythics.


Yes I’m only lv245 so I haven’t bothered getting one yet but was considering now. Support just told me it’s a ‘repeat’ chest option so burn off your last sigils which makes sense. Just would have thought they would put something like that as the last box.


Totally agree. And even a reward to dump sigils when you cleared 3 lines should be better. 5 gold chests would be appropriate instead of 2


Or even 10… after all the hard work we need to be rewarded more :hugs:


Yeah I agree. I can’t imagine people having that many spare sigils after 3 branches. However if chests become too cheap then people will start exchanging their rubies for sigil chests just to hoard gold chests :joy::woman_shrugging:


Well, whales do have enough sigils to claim even these 2 Gold chests more than enough


My reasoning was that in any undiscounted line the highest sigil price per gold chest is 100. So 500 Sig for 5 would be fair. But even 10 would be more expensive than that if you go for super sigils


Big spenders have plenty of extra sigals to spend on this. There are players with both mythics already and still have 20k sigals left over. With 7 more weeks…


So, I know I am kind of Necro-ing a thread but I have a question about this. I understand in the past they would put two gold chests at the end of the mythic so we could claim over an over. That’s all well and good but in this case in a few days they will be extending with the empyerian (sp?) stone and something else.

Given that, will these two gold shift position to the end of the line? I really don’t want to have to spend 900 sigils on gold chests just to get the stone.

I guess I will have to just wait and see but to me it should move.


I’m with you in the “it should move” camp :eyes:


I’m more in the “it better move!” Camp. :rofl:


Oh, that was an option too? I like that camp better :rofl:


use that sigils in other brances… prizes are better there for your leftover sigils. 2 gold chest is an insult to players for 500 sigils

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