Urgent Report to PG

Look at the prizes I just claimed . Dont wanna exploit this . My team rank is 25 . Please tell what is this all about ?

It’s a glitch
Some ppl also had it.
Universal advice:if you found glitch-submit the ticket and sleep calm🤗
You haven’t did anything bad maliciously and reported


I understand I did submit ticket , dont wanna get banned for doing nothing . Hope they fix this .

Thanks for the reports, we already have folks looking into it!

If I claim them before it’s fixed do I get to keep them. :stuck_out_tongue:

What if I already spent the materials?

Then PG will send me in to hack them out of your account.:joy: jk

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I’ve seen a screenshot of the shard rewards being in the 20+k region. So this is nothing. Something went wrong with this event and it shouldn’t have happened.

Maybe they heard our cries for more materials? :rofl:

Yeah then said “No shards for you!” before snatching them away and replacing with crap amounts.

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A guy can hope. Lol

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