Urgent scaling required!

Right so with the new tier a few things are obvious, but to lay it out

Harbinger mythic expert requires you to be level 400
Harbinger legendary expert requires you to be level 360
Obsidian mythic expert requires you to be level 310


To expert mythic emerald/legendary obsidian you require 262million xp
To expert mythic obsidian you require 510 million xp
To expert legendary harbinger is 820 million xp
To expert mythic harbinger is 1.5 billion xp.


To level (at maximum efficiency) from level 1-310 takes 10 000 days of speedups (including storage to 80, but excluding speedups for hatching dragons) for getting expert mythic obs.

No big deal right?

Ok to level from level 310 - 360 takes another 8300 days of speedups (including storage to 90, but excluding the speedups for hatching dragons) for getting expert legendary harbinger


To level from 360-400 takes another 7000 days of speedups (including storage to 100, but excluding the speedups for hatching dragons) for getting expert mythic harbinger.


So to put it otherwise, you need 15 000 days of speedups, to go from being able to get expert mythic obsidian to expert mythic harbinger.

15 000 days.

In perspective - $100 pack gives 35 000 rubies

  • using ONLY timers, at 5900 rubies per 19 days speedups this equates to 120 days per $100

So if you only bought timers (not gold chests), it would cost an additional $12 500 or 41 years to be able to level high enough to get expert harbinger mythic tier starting from expert obsidian mythic tier

In order to expert them at 1million xp per run (using the 200% boost consumable)
Expert Emerald mythic = 262 runs
Expert Obsidian mythic = 510 runs
Expert Harbinger mythic = 1510 runs


HUGE scaling issues folks, and I for one expect about half my team to quit once it sinks in that it will cost them $12 500 just to be able to be competitive in endgame, where they currently WERE at endgame.


So solutions

  1. Make storage hut increases give decent xp —> at the very least equivalent to what a tower of that level gives. This should retroactively apply. This will add a few levels to most players

  2. Scale xp per run drastically - we are no longer at level 186.

  3. Increase consumable multipliers (200–>400% xp)

  4. Timers need to increase drastically - not just in numbers, they need to increase in time . 12h timers need to move to somewhere in the region of 24h-48 hour timers.


Also to PG - can someone please give us a bit of a write-up about the direction you are aiming us at now? Thats one hellova inrease in requirements for endgame


u forgot the tokencost :slight_smile:


“Hey, I saw you have the old car model. Wanna the new one?
Sure, how much is it?
Nice, let me see it. Wait, why it has no seats?
You don’t need it to drive, but if you want, we can add it for another 5k$ each seat. Fair deal right?
Ahm, ok I guess. Wait, it also doesn’t have speedometer, how I’m going to see how fast I’m going? I’m going to get a ticket?
Ahh, that’s easy. Just drive at same speed as people around you. We also can add it for another 10k$.
What??? How much gas it needs to run?
Ohh, its electric, you just need to pay monthly 5k$ and we charge it for you”.

That’s PG way of doing business


Actually at level 186 you are on top about xp and ressources able to send .

I guess it will be very important to improve that scale , so that people get maybe until 300 a xp boost to compensate many things with higher levels.

Probably some changes will be made i guess, its only logical.
Same goes for invader bases which are stuck at level 40 enemys and without any higher weapons as ice or fire or flak.

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Addendum: although I understand the reason for the increase in level requirements, the catch-up mechanics need to be put in place.

I don’t feel the egg-token cost is really a big issue, since the level requirements will make that a non-major factor at this level of dragon.

Don’t know, my feeling, not based on empiric evidence.

Wouldn’t an expert Harbinger legendary requirement of around 325, and 350 for the mythic have been a more reasonable step-up?

Other thoughts?


If they don’t drop level requirement, I’m the next one quitting this game.

@PGJared @pgEcho @PGPulse


I totally agree with this.


I’m years from Obsidian or worse Harbinger, but even I shudder at the figures…


Just playing devils advocate here and I am sure this will not be a popular post but why should anyone build to be a level 400 or above and get wiped out by a level 300 just because they can get and level the same dragons?

There should be some reward for obtaining a high level and those bases should be killers and more difficult and if you want the best of the best it should take a lot of work to get it.


Agreed, work! but $12 000 isn’t work, its money.

I have no issue with the level requirements going up, but they need mechanisms that allow people to achieve it, not just to buy it.

I have no problem with buying it, but there needs to be an alternate mechanism where people that can’t spend what I can spend, to achieve it and stay competitive.

The 40 year odd cadance doesn’t work.

There are no winners in a spending war - only losers. We need players to be able to compete on effort vs money. I can’t spend the hours someone else can, but I compensate by spending money. Yet someone that puts in hours should always be able to compete with that, else it becomes pointless fast. I’m not interested in buying a win.


I do agree the timers need to be increase by a lot we need them for every part of the game and there are not enough of them by far.


325 for legendary and 350 for the mythic sounds definitely reasonable.

I was very excited for the new tier and I like the new dragons which have been released. Estril already sits at my roster. But it was shocking to read about the new lv. requirements! :dizzy_face:

This is definitely way too much and the increase is in no perspective to the requirements for Obsidians! :weary:


You must think that in 6 months you’ll have a new tier again… and let me guess lvl 450 for legendary and 500 for mythic?


Make it 5 :slight_smile:

I say good bc this is how lomg its gonna take me regardless :joy:

I share a team with gox and I have been told by 4 players that they are done already in the midst of the requirements if things don’t change. I’m sure many teams will feel the same. @PGCrisis @PGJared we the loyal customer base who keep you in business would like some kind of response on this. Before everyone makes a mass exodus just to prove a point. Our player base is small enough that it would not be unlikely. Me personally you are stuck with me as long as my wife plays, the game brought us together so im in it to win it if she is, but even ginganinja had a very upset reaction to the changes. Just saying


Good job PG,
Now you completely alienate the super rich gamer from the crazy grinder, normal grinder, and casual gaming.

We all know that the super rich one will always get the newest content. it’s understandable. But you need to at least give the smaller fishes some kind of mechanics to catch up.

We can all grind tokens. The amount we get will depend on how much time you put in to grind. you can get 300k a month easily. But on the other hand, no one can ever grind Timers. Heck, regular drops from monuments are still 1m and 3m. So you need like 72k+ of the 1m to tap to complete a tower (50d+). So if we can poop 100 12hr timers out of thin air without buying speed up packs, we could catch up, otherwise, no one on their right minds will drop $12000 just to level up to catch up with the game.

And we should expect the same crap from PG “We will discuss about this”… as usual.

@PGJared @Arelyna @pgEcho @DragonPunch please take a look at these feedback and act accordingly. Otherwise you will see a mass amount of players quitting the game for good


If these cats are paying the $12,000 I think you’re sol.

I think on paper the numbers probably looked okay. Yeah, 310 360 400. Looks like a good progression.


As Gox pointed out, what it takes to get from 1-310 and 310-400 is an astronomical difference. This scaling is absurd.


While I mostly completely agree with this thread, it seems to me this is exactly the change we needed.

We need a ceiling that not everyone can touch. At my level I should be above enough people that I no longer get sacked by 186 players.

It seems to me a big problem that wasn’t even disclosed until it was patched was that obsidian leveling requirements weren’t properly enforced due to some kind of bug.

They may well have knee-jerked too much, but I don’t think there should be that many maxed bases or that everyone should be able to max every divine or new tier.

Balance changes are definitely needed. I’ve been wondering for a while when they would decide xp was needed. It’s gone to the point where a spender has to spend too much time spending because it’s soo terrible.

I understand they have a top tier they intentionally don’t want to scale further, but it’s rediculis that a level 300 has no additional benefit in:

  1. gold chests (wood packs, xp packs, all that Jazz needs larger quantities like it does when you grow from lower levels)
  2. xp. Max xp is a joke. Leverage every trick in the book just to use the dang things you spent your sigils on I’m happy to say max xp was adjusted
  3. water dragon level (this dragon should either go away or get a skill and level refresh)
  4. resource transfer caps should Scale further
  5. bounty harbor should scale up
  6. successful defend Ruby’s should scale up

I’m sure I missed others.