Ursageddon 》BUSTED, CHEAP, was fun to expose 😎

So what ya’ll think, error or FINALLY fixed ?

#Fixed :joy: , i gotta admit the enfeeble is a little iffy, even if battlecry stacks from me hitting it twice. Its like its applying to base before any other buffs, idk, seems like even more is going on…

Its at least working as i had first imagined when discovering this strategy. (Please note that this does not mean i was first or the only and also, +700% is a lil more than i imagined but with all the buff i WAS planning it is not far off :grin:)

I use battle cry on Aibrean. Since I have no chaos more glyph, I think I shall put battle cry glyph on to see the insane damage boost :laughing:


Its carrying over from the runes on a dragon which has battlecry naturally. :slight_smile:

If you use warcry it disables battlecry, or battlecry is only for next dragon. I sent kirin out after Ursa and used warcry 2-3 times, the results were less than expected.

My Aib

Ill do more testing and see if the runes are actually doing anything or if its still busted and needs fixing

Also gonna try this out lol

Wtf is this symbol mean and why did I get it for this post?


:joy: cause i invited you to it

Ohhh i see, you put battlecry runes on it already? Hows it working for u if so? I wouldnt recommend this unless ur 100% not worried about the runes.

+700% buff😂

Its definitely busted btw, temp battlecry does not show any significant difference than with stacked runes equipped

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Dunno who to tag but Battlecry is definitely broken. Also i think havok might need some looking into as well.

No, I havent but I dont have anything else to glyph on. I only have 1 epic chaos rune on Aibrean

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Ok cool, dont do it, runes do nothing of significance…might as well just use temp battle cry :slight_smile: but hopefully they fix this, cheap af lol

Don’t fix it! I like my strategy lol. No, actually fix it it makes it to easy

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Waaaay too easy, i want to utilize the strategy and it be legit

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