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it is a cool feature, that u will have the ability to finish a building or the breed by automatic timer selection.

Now i have round about 8000x 1 minute -> ~5,5 days and 8000x 3 minute -> ~16.5 days timers. I bet lot of people will have more.
but if will use them it will be pain the …
a nice feature would be if you would have the ability to say, i would like to use 1 (by taping) 5, 10, 100, … what ever amount by top-down field.

Theres an option of using the all the needed speedups to complete the timer. Idk why you want to be able to use them 1, 5, or 10 at a time when you only have to tap one button.

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just getting rid of the small timers.
" the 1, 5, or 10 at a time" was just an example.

What does it matter? U can just keep tapping the auto complete button till you run out during a fort event

The only reason I can think of why you’d want to get rid of the small timers is to make it easier to see your total. In that case I think it would be much more useful if PG simply added a counter to the timer list, that shows the total number of days you have.


I used to worry about using some of the smaller ones, but in all honesty id rather have the smaller ones.

2 forts ago I ran my timers to just about zero. Then I opened chests to refill. I ran into an issue where I had 2 hours and 35 minutes we will say on a build. I had nothing smaller than 30 minute timers from chests, so I had to either burn 25 minutes of timers, or wait for the tower to finish for the last 4 minutes or so. Now if I get down to only a few 15 min timers I will go get more from chests.

I use @mechengg fort spreadsheet that calculates total days of speedups easily so I don’t sweat having too many of the little guys.

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