Use Atlas environment for PvP events?



Just a thought, have the developers considered using variations on the atlas environment for PvP events?

The basic atlas setup provides potential for a variety of PvP scenarios, with the potential to be more engaging than current PvP events.

This would also serve to introduce teams without atlas an opportunity to get a glimpse of what all the fuss is about.

Another possible advantage to this is that it would give developers an opportunity to monitor the realities of various mechanic adjustments, as they design PvP scenarios within atlas.


no-atlas teams have no troop or power to do this


I am not suggesting PvP should impact real Atlas resources, I am suggesting that the Atlas type environment gives opportunity for a lot of short term PVP options. Troops etc could be allocated for the event only, the mechanic of troops does not have to be the same as whatever the current atlas mechanic is at the time.


When Gold 4 teams do PVP they are up against other Gold 4 teams, Diamond 1 does not currently get involved in Gold 4 PVP such as temple Temple Raid, and I am not suggesting that should change.


Kingdom Wars?


Isn’t that what is actually Kindom wars? Territories being like conquering castles?
Or I am misunderstanding what you propose?


I feel that within the basic atlas environment there could be opportunities for many different PvP scenarios.


then you can close this post because kingdom of war is already an event
or King of the Hill, which was removed
king of the hill is actually pretty much like atlas where you conquer castles and hold them for points but like you want, no other league involve and the best thing is no troop. troop is a stupid idea for a dragon game


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