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Hello everyone, this has been bugging me for a while so I’ll ask it here. My question is on how many times can an equipped spell be used on a run? My experience is that blue spells can only be used once, red can be used twice (maybe more??)?

Can someone please confirm if this is correct? If not I’ll need to raise a help ticket! Thanks all!


It depends on the rage of that consumables in regular spell. For example, an invert projectile costs 1 rage, so for consumables, u can use it twice


Death gaze cost 1 rage, and it can be used twice too, so I suppose that you can use spells that cost 1 rage twice and spells that cost 2 or more only once? Resist cost nothing and last for one Dragon flight. They are consumed as soon as the dragon enter the battle (ssme with xp boosts), but spells that you activate manually are only consumed if you touch the spell to cast it.


Each spell has a different usage amount as far as I am aware, you just need to guess and test.

The theory about one rage spells being able to be used twice sounds good but doesn’t hold up when you get to Chain Lightning. It is a 2 rage spell and can be used twice when equipped as a consumable.

Ice is also a 2 rage spell but can only be cast once when equipped as a consumable.

I always assume one use and if I happen to get a second use than bonus. :grin:


Anyone at PG can confirm this? @PGPulse @Arelyna


That’s true. I forgot about chain lightning :thinking:. Maybe someone from PG can verify this


@FlashingRed I didn’t know about them or forgot, I hardly use consumable spells except resists and sometimes Invincibility or death gaze, thanks for that little bit of information, I’d be curious about PG insight about this… Since it’s PGPulse’s area of work I hope we can get a reply soon :blush:


Shhhh dont point out chain lightning, PG will just make it only case once lol


Each consumable spell has different number it can be used per battle. It did bug me a little that this isn’t consistent but it is treated as low priority right now. However if there is a consensus that this is something that should be fixed, we can look into it more!


Could it be as simple as adding a “x1” or “x2” in white text over the spell itself? Both in the selection screen and/or the battle screen showing how many are left?

Very very very very low priority rating please :slight_smile:


I’d add a few “very” to those Mech already mentioned, close to an infinity of “very” low priority.
I don’t want any more bugged spells than we already had… Which is what I fear would happen if we mess with spells…


I know the fear! There are a lot of bugs that we are constantly fixing. Would you be able to help us by telling us which spell bug we should fix first that is major right now?


How about the one where dessicating sand doesn’t stop the tower from still firing (particularly Ice)?


Cloak. Hands down, cloak. If you cloak while a tower is in its windup period, it can still fire at your dragon.
Fixing kinns dodo and/or apophet’s summon warrior from being targetable if they go after each other also a worth while fix?


That does look bad since expectation is for Desiccating Sand to fully stop a tower from firing right away. Inside the hood what it’s currently doing is that it stops the next shot from being fired, which means that if the tower was charging up the shot, it would still fire and then the next shot wouldn’t fire.

This would make the ice turret to be a small viable counter against dragons with Desiccating Sand or Noxious Vine.

Desiccating Sand Spell
Desiccating Sand Spell

Agree that sand and vines shouldnt stop a shot that has started, but there are instances where a sanded tower behaves as if it isnt sanded. I only experienced it once personally but i was following and a blue mage that had clearly been sanded by the lead dragon shot me twice without becoming unsanded.


Check this out, the red is clearly sanded, yet the umbrella was up and it maged my follower:


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