Useless Artisan dragons

Good evening dragon lords,

Is anyone bothered by the fact that the majority of the new lineague dragons are useless?

Charpent damage v.s. spell cooldown: You cant kill a shield tower AND the blue mage in 4 seconds, not matter what runes and glyphs you use (Im talking about maxed dragons v.s. maxed bases).
Washi: Powerful damage output on a defenceless dragon, there is a ONE SECOND defence spell which means the next second, Wishi will be dead.
Narmak: Nice invoker, ALMOST good to be used, BUT its a slave to its red spell. If you cant activate the red spell (i.e. debuff the towers), then Narmak is dead. Basically, Narmak has no method to kill: Shield tower, Red mage, Blue mage, and Ice flak, while at the same time being able to protect itself (it has only the cloak, with a long cooldown).
Quilleth, the only lineague dragon that (can be) usefull, but only as a followup dragon. It’s well rounded, but too low on damage output. Most importantly, it’s super sensitive to beam tower islands and has no way to protect itself against them.

I havent been so disappointed about the lineage dragons so much, since Icicle.


There will likely be changes to their spells when they go to mythics, I’d wait for that


We should have had the final spell set to begin with :man_shrugging:


When do we ever have a breeding tier where most of the dragons are good? Same junk as usual, now there’s just less of it :woman_shrugging::man_shrugging:


I think Quill has potential….I will save my judgment for when it goes mythic. Only one tier dragon needs to be useful…imo…they are just a means to move forward.


Why can’t they just be good though? Since we only have 4 dragons per tier now, why not make them all useful? Gives end game players more dragons to hit bases based on layout and if they end up liking more than 1 then they can spend to evolve them. Win win


I, personally don’t see the point. They do not last for long and the rss it takes to lvl them can be used on the next tier to move your seasonal mythics forward.

Everyone has different ways they like to play the game, I would rather move my research forward then use tokens on a mythic that has a limited shelf life.

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So food and a couple xp runs?

Then it wouldn’t affect you one bit. You have to get all 4 to move to the next tier anyway so why shouldn’t they be useable?

I don’t want it to be required to take them all to mythic just to move on. I just want them to be good since I have to get them all anyway

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I can smell it from here that quil will be the new helminn when it reach mythic status


You must have missed 97% of the past 120 line dragons or so then :sweat_smile:
I challenge you to point to ANY tier with fewer useless dragons in it.


Yes and those who hate easier to fly powerful hunters that can take out end game towers will be right there with you. However, those who loved Helminn will rejoice that they have a Lineage dragon that doesn’t need the skill that say a Jaal or XUL needs to get through quickly on end game towers in Atlas.
Most who feared Helminn were those that didn’t want to be taken down by a lineage dragon in Atlas. Basically, being able to clear a base quickly before a countersnipe. All about speed LOL

Because despite their claims that doing fewer dragons gives them more time to focus on each one, they don’t seem to want to put much time into designing them to be useable. Same old approach as before, favor the hunter and then spend like 5 minutes designing the rest


Lol no
It’s that helminn is the equivalent of a hunter gig, it need so little skill that a toddler can pilot it


That’s what bugs me, we’ve had Helminn and Mordred, both were hunter versions of Gig that took pretty much no skill yet could sweep maxed bases at tier without there being much defenders can do yet you didn’t hear 1/100th of the whining and crying about either of them that we’ve heard about Gig for years. Nor did either of them cause a huge shift in how their class is designed.

Just goes to show you how deep the hunter favoritism runs. We can have no skill I win buttons but only if they’re hunters


yes and most players who are great skilled hunter dragon flyers hate Helminn as it doesn’t need the skill that other hunter dragons needs to take out end game towers , double defended in Atlas.
So Personally speaking, I love Helminn and I love Quilleth too. And Yes I can’t wait to evolve Quilleth as my Helminn is now struggling with the 125-130 level towers when double defended… I want to be able to take down those bases in Atlas with a Lineage dragon that is faster than i can be countersniped.

I don’t think I have heard a single hunter flyer complain about Helminn. There was complaining at the very start because lots of people were calling him trash when he first came out but then everyone realized how strong he was and the complaints turned to praise. The only complaints I’ve heard lately were that he was even more OP with the exotic arcanum runes and able to hit up

yes im not complaining ,those who do complain , are those who cant stand a lineage dragon being able to take out current end game towers.

No legendary dragons are good at end tier for game use.

Phasma, Gilas, Krelos, Morak, Asuri, Quilith, Carrion, Redrian, Noctua, Sakura, Axi (originally), Fomhar, Prospero, Kullicid…


I think they’re designer doesn’t play the game. Im not im Artisan tier yet, but they said that these Artisan dragons were gonna be good and yet people are still complaining about them…