Useless Artisan dragons

People complain about everything. Yet we are still surprised.


Ummm…we were taking about tier dragons……sooo….

Plasma was a good dragon and I did like him and flew him lots. I believe he struggled with soloing end game bases that were defended, when he can out.

As for others, except for Noctua, I do not believe there were any that were terribly useful.

Divine legendary are a different story. There have been many useful ones, even if they could not clear endgame defended bases as a single dragon.

It doesn’t bother me that legendary dragons have their place in the breeding pool. If a good one happens, I am happy to fly it. I do hope that each tier has a decent mythic though.

Your statement was just legendaries though, not lineage legendaries. But no, Redrian was certainly good when Vanguard was introduced, Carrion was pretty good too and so is Quilith. Bilge also wasn’t too bad when he was released.

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Maybe red tier :thinking::thinking::thinking:

This is very true.

No one ever complains about the zero skill hunters ( of which half of them are ) and then they justify hunters are needing to be stronger because they need skill and reference only the harder ones to fly.

Vs warriors and sorcs. Warrior and sorc player’s would love to have strong warrior and sorcs that need skill to fly but often they are designed very lazy.

A shield, a weak crowd control and then some random skill that doesn’t have any synergies but it has a sexy icon. ( i.e. Quasar didn’t need Solar Flare and blackhole ) Soras kit was all over the place and many warriors have weird things like double shields etc )

In summary warriors are just an aoe class that is weak vs defenders.

So we should just accept that bc “that’s the way it’s been” means that a change shouldn’t happen?

Not sure how that encourages balance, if legendary dragons are strong enough for endgame. That doesn’t leave room for mythics to be stronger, which they should be.
If legendary tier dragons are super good, why even get divines? Same goes for mythics.
There have been good tier sorcerer dragons as well. I used Lupin for a long time. And Apophet as well as Jor….I know they are mythic but they were totally useful in their day. I have never really flown tier warriors, I always perch them, so I can’t name any. It is not only hunters that have been useful.

Not every dragon will suit every person. And honesty, I seem to pick a favourite couple….I prefer hunters but have flown all of them, if they are good….and stick with them.
I agree with Zami, it seems sometimes people just like to complain.

Legendaries will stop at 130, Mythics will go to 135 so they will be stronger by pure dps and hp stats though.

If all 4 are viable then people who can evolve them all, will. Why not give people the full spell set to begin with? Maybe you end up liking the sorcerer more than the warrior. Maybe you like them both. Maybe you like all 4. Would make me consider taking all 4 to Mythic if they were useful.


Your view is very limited. It’s not about game balance ( which is lopsided against Warriors and Sorcerers, since there are more viable Hunters) at this point. It’s more about player retention.

There are more and more seasoned players leaving this game and many of them are good hunter flyers. Why would you still preaching skilled hunters when skilled hunter flyers are leaving?

It’s about time for PG to rework the dragons and make them fun again. Lack of skill-intense dragons doesn’t kill this game, a lack of fun dragons kills this game. It’s stupid to make 2/3 of major dragon classes useless.


It is very judgemental and presumptuous of you to say my view is limited.
I have flow many different types of dragons, I choose the good ones and that is not always a certain variety.
I prefer hunters but Tez was my first favourite dragon. I have had Gig, Lock and Q. I also have had Surt, Kinn, Krelos and a love affair with Lupin. I also found Hildr and Somnus useful in their time. I liked Namaka and still use Sho at lower lvls and Neb is still in my roster. So I have not only flown hunters, but I do like their style the best.
Who says that taking the time to develop the skill to fly a high skill dragon isn’t fun that some players find in the game?
If you want to be fast and kill high difficulty bases, hunters are your choice.
If you want to really stretch your kill lvls and don’t mind being slower with a high skill lvl, then invokers are probably what you like.
If you want to tank thru base that maybe isn’t as highly demanding and don’t mind being a bit slower, then warriors are your gig.
If you like to strategically use spells to work your way thru a base, then sorcerers are your thing.
There have been very good dragons in all tiers and all varieties, that way people can choose. There is always a dragon for someone.

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I apologize for directing the response to you. My comment should be toward more PG and some players that demand skills be an important part of the dragon design.

Glad to see you like all dragons.


I take objection to this! Don’t complain about my complaints!

I agree that I hate they have stated the spells might be different when the dragons evolve to mythic.
But if you think about the process of lineage before the change and what it is now…they are keeping with the standards…just less options.

Before Lineage dragons were:
6 Legendary - with unique class and spells
3 Mythic - with unique class and spells

Annelid did not evolve and get us Mordred…you had one and earned the other…and you hoped the mythic you got was going to be worth something.

New Lineage system:
4 Legendary - unique class and spells
4 mythics - same class but with spell changes

This can give a huge advantage on learning a dragon. Since I saw Quill posted here as one with potential, you get legendary version…learn to fly it as is…you like it but really wish it had white spells.
You find out when it evolves the the blue inkblot spell flips to white with no other changes…you now have a dragon you already know how to fly well with a dodge spell, a short invincibility spell, and a white blink spell. You dont have to learn to fly anything new, you dont have to move riders, gear, or runes around…you evolve and keep going.

I personally like the new setup. I just hope the spell sets that come with evolution are actually mythic type spells.


I agree. They bring out events like crystal caves and temple raid because they want all players to use a plethora of dragons. But then don’t make the dragons good enough to actually use. Doesn’t make sense.

That is kind of the point though. They cost a lot of resources to get. And do not last long. So why not make them all viable so they can actually be used for a short time. If they mess up and ones a bit too strong, it doesn’t matter much as they will soon be retired anyway. Not to mention we have seen how quick they can nerf a dragon but are far too slow to buff one.

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Just thought this was worth restating.

Although nowhere near my first (I’d ridden many a dragons long before the instawin button named Tez came into my life), he stood out as the red headed bastard stepchild that no one wanted because he was actually OP for his time. Insanely OP.


If I’m spending hundreds of thousands of tokens to get a dragon, and I HAVE to Pokémon them to continue up the breeding path, then all of them better be useful in one way or another besides being used to breed yet more useless dragons. What happened to having a choice? You know, the whole #MyDragonMyChoice thing?

If that’s seriously the road PG is choosing to go down, then burn the breeding paths, I’ll stop at whatever level I need to and sit there, forever.

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He really was something, not many seemed to get him. He carried me and my team thru many war wins. :grin:

100% useless because if the get to level 40 you have to worry about tapping a button and losing 10 Arcanum eggs.

I couldn’t agree more with Green ! Need more fun dragons like Gig, Improve the Warrior class and sorcerer class and I believe PG will retain more players.

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I agree with that they don’t put the time in to the dragons. But making them more complicated doesn’t make them better. I agree that dragons should take some skills to fly but they either are so complicated that it’s a waste for most average flyers or the opposite to easy. And with atlas you need speed so a lot of the sorcerer, warriors and Envolkers don’t cut it . Idk what they answer is. But I’d really like to be excited by new dragons again an thats not happened in a long time. More often than not I feel stressed over the choice of mythic neither of which I like. I think pg was trying to give more skill intense dragons as asked for by some but then left the rest to completely worthless, leaving many like me wondering why am I bother playing at all still. But I keep hoping for something to change


So do I. I question that a lot over the last several seasons and tiers. They make both hunters that are easy (Mordred, Helminn) and complex (Xul, Jaalkan) but are always good and viable. That really can’t be said about any other class.
So many hunterbois cried about Gig that they altered how they designed warriors but we havent seen anything like that happen after Mordred or Helminn.
They keep trying to design warriors that function like hunters and it doesnt work.

Complexity doesnt equal good though and it’s not the issue with these craptastic dragons, their spells are just bad, especially the warrior with his 10 minute cooldowns and zero synergy between spells.
The fact that they thought changing his breath spell to white and slightly upping the damage was good enough to call him a mythic just shows how totally out of touch they are with things. That or just how little they care.