Useless dragons

Hey peeps how we doin…

So ive had an idea today…

Ive been looking at my dragon den and realised that i have a shed load of dragons that i can no longer have use for, nor are they used during breeding new dragons…


What if we could recycle these dragons and get half the tokens back that we used to breed them?
The full amount of tokens would just be silly but half would seem VERY reasonable to ask for…
I have had VERY VERY positive feedback from the support team but they say it needs more than just me for this to me implemented so please guys feel free to share your opinions…



The support team “great idea, share it on the forums” (paraphrased) is part of a canned answer response for suggestions :see_no_evil:

It would be interesting, though.

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I like this idea and think it would be great to have something back for all the time spent in getting the dragons we can no longer use in the den for breeding purposes :blush: I agree it’s very interesting

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So I’m guessing if this were to happen the cost of doing it would be so many rubies that grinding on token missions would be a better pay out. I’d be happy if I could just get rid of old divines that I didn’t get all the stones for so my den doesn’t want me to train them every time I go there.


Lol keep your dragons. Support is just giving you a canned answer to get you to stop talking to them about it


Haha half? Could have Noctua tomorrow :thinking: #Supported :slightly_smiling_face:

I doubt PG has kept track of how many tokens you’ve spent on a particular breed and how many other things you got on the side while breeding. Best you could hope for is half of the backbreed cost, which would be a pittance.

It would be nice if we could do something with all those unused dragons. Perches are a nice way to keep a few of them busy, maybe we could have other activities for old dragons, like send them on 24 hour missions to retrieve items similar to the bounty harbor, where better dragons would retrieve better items.


They know exactly how many tokens, what parents you used, the results, and when you bred them. Down to the second.

This idea sounds great, and I like the sentiment behind it. But so many prerequisites would break lines… You would technically not be able to have dragons you do.

N-1 Scaling is the answer. It’s simple, and solves the problems of old and new players. And it is INFINITELY scalable (since it scales down rather than up).

There are other workable solutions for scaling, but none is as simple as N-1.

That’s a clever thought. I would think they would either need to take a slot in the roster of “active” dragons or there’s a limit to how many you can send “on quest” at once (or both).


This was brought up a long time ago too, similar to quests from the Warlord of Draenor expansion of WoW. Very similar mechanisms and would promote more log in time for quest completion and some chances of ornamental bonuses or perks. Like a mystic here or there. Some tokens. A spell. Etc. Send them out for longer, get better/more items. Etc


You could maybe send out one with your level one dragon launch platform, upgrading at the same pace as incubators. And your idle dragons can randomly hang around on the platform so you get to see them every now and then.


I really like that idea :heart_eyes:

I thought it sounded vaguely familiar… But, obviously, it never happened. So, I don’t see a problem with bring it up again.

Not saying it’s bad at all. In fact I’m all in favor of it. Have a few different options for duration or difficulty etc. Make it take a strategic dragon off your roster for the best payouts. Etc

Maybe we should at someone. Not sure who would be best.

But will it matter?

Better recycle buildings in Storage)) Its a good way to re-build base, re-organize defence… Dragons? Any Expert dragon give exp when its need. And its Dragons collection).

I completely agree! Seeing mine even when swapping drags in roster is incredible annoying. I would be happy with a “Hide” button so they wouldn’t show up or trigger the Train icon above the den.

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Not half… 25% of the tokens is also fine for me lol.
Good Idea if it implements I guess.
Adding to that something to do with the buildings that are back in the storage as well.

But if you got rid of the old dragons, you might possibly accidentally dump one that you need later on for breeding the other useless dragons when you have an over abundance of egg tokens…

In all seriousness, I’m sure this “isn’t possible due to the breeding combinations and etc etc and you would keep rebreeding dragons you have binned, etc etc”


I would also like 50k 12h clocks and 500k rubies pls :joy::joy::joy: