Using Energy Packs During Treasure Hunt

Hey guys, does anybody know if it is still the case that if you refill energy during treasure hunt, the price does not reset to 10 packs for 100 energy once the event actually begins? Hope that made sense. Thanks!

Your question makes perfect sense to me. However, I have no idea what the answer is :laughing:


Haven’t tried this event, but in the past when I tried it didn’t reset for me.

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nice tip man, ill try

Same here I buy the energy during treasure hunt for months now, and it doesn’t reset.

No reset has been my experience as well, it used to be different though a long time ago where you could get an extra day of packs because of the reset.


I bought 100 energies right now, but the price is now 20 packs per 100 energy.
what I ask is, when the event starts, the cost will be reset or will remain at 20 packs per 100 energy ?? thx u

That is what we are trying to determine. Every 24 hours it resets, but we are trying to confirm if it resets at the start of the event back to 10 packs or if it stays at 20.

My gut tells me it will be the same at 20.


My gut tells me the same, but it’s been many events since I last tried so figured I’d ask.

Also, has the price increase always been from 10 to 20 packs for 100 energy?

I think it used to be 10 to 13 actually

once treasure hunt ends and battle phase starts, that’s where we know if it will reset.

Not sure myself too about this

37 minutes to go

Funny we were just discussing that last night one of my guys tried it to test… think I will too

It 100% stays at 20 packs after treasure hunt ends for 24 hours, tomorrow it resets.

No reset - I bought 100 energy for 10 E packs yesterday when Treasure Hunt went live. Price now for 100 energy is 20 E packs. It will not reset until 24 hours after the PvE/PvP portion begins.


Next question, how much does the price for 100 energy go up now if you first buy 16 energy for one pack? I believe it was just to 11 packs for 100 before. I won’t be able to test til later, so just checking if anyone already has.

individual refill should be this:

1, 1, 2, 2, 2, 3, 3, 3, 4, 4, 4, 5, 5, 6, 6,

Same as always hope this helps


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