Using sacrifice with invincibility/similar

Don’t know exactly when this changed, but it appears that invincibility no longer protects from the damage that sacrifice inflicts.
Have tried this with Whalegnawer and also Gargula (Using northern lights) and both now take damage.
Not a massive problem, but I’ve got to retrain myself not to automatically hit sacrifice when I pick up a shield.

I don’t think Invincibility ever stopped Sacrifice from doing damage. Sacrifice is a self-inflicted damage within the Invincibility shield, so the shield can’t protect it. If it was prevented before it was probably a bug.

This is based on my own experience and my opinion, I may be mistaken…

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It may have been a bug, but it worked and was that way for some time.
Like I say, not a huge problem I just wanted to let anyone else who’s in the habit of using it know.

This is intended. A few updates ago, we added restrictions to being able to use certain spell + spell consumable combinations together because either 1) it caused bugs or 2) they were unintended game mechanics. In your example, being able to negate Sacrifice damage with Invincibility was seen as a way to circumvent the tradeoff of using Sacrifice, which was not intended.


Could these be included in the patch notes in the future? I’m curious what other combos were changed.


Good to know.
Certainly it makes sense that shields only protect from external damage.
Is the same true of poison?

If I’m not wrong, Stoneskin shield and Heatshield did work with Sacrifice, you lost less health than normal.

Yes, I think so.
As I understand it, there was no distinction made between internal and external damage. It was just damage.
I haven’t tested, but I would expect that stoneskin/stoneform/heatshield etc will no longer reduce sacrifice damage.

I think the new way makes more sense, but I think I will use sacrifice a lot less now.

I need to check Galvanic Overload now.

I don’t think so, I have Skarr and Sacrifice always took out 15% of base hp while Heat shield regenerated 20% of base hp too. If it seemed to deal less damage it was probably because you had hp boosts activated, so the fraction of damages on the health bar seemed smaller :wink:

You can second cast galv without losing health if you have invince shield.

Does that still work?
I used to do that for a while, but found it wasn’t worth the effort. Even with a shield to protect from damage.
Sometimes useful against farms though.

Did it with rizar on the invaders pretty recently

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