Using third parties outside the game

Using any third party apps or platforms outside of the game should be considered as cheating. It’s ridiculous to see that players are using “tap apps” when using dragons like Barbend makes defending nearly impossible. It’s a shame if the WD developers are aware of the issue and continue to allow that. If players purchasing resources from third parties is considered as cheating, using third party apps to play the game should be equally treated as cheating because that is not how the game is meant to be played. To even the playing field, all players should have equal in-game abilities.

I hope the developers pay attention to these serious issues being raised and takes appropriate action, as they should. If dragons are going through bases even with 3 defenders, what’s the point of defending? And if bases are not defendable, then what’s the point of playing? Between the spenders and cheaters, the game is becoming less and less fun to play.

I’m sure those cheating won’t agree with this post, but the ones who truly players can understand what I’m talking about, especially after seeing first hand defending against undefendable dragons.

Thanks for taking the time to read this serious issue currently faced in the game.



Using 3rd party apps like that are considered cheating. I don’t think as many people use apps like that as you think though


you’re right. Users who dislike this article will be users who use the app. A game that requires control is not fun if you rely on the program rather than your skill.

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!? 집님 하이

Probably PG is accepting this as many users of this tap apps are probably disabled persons which maybe don’t have all the hands or lost their fingers in various circumstances.

Then they should be flying in ways that accommodate their disabilities, rather than creating a brand new loophole of their own and exploiting dishonest third-party parlor tricks. You can’t rectify being a physically disabled player by exploiting external hacks that make it harder on the opponent in every way by default, whether you were in your condition or not. That’s morally unfair and wrong.


Using such an app should definitely result in a perma ban of the players using it. If it’s a third party app, it should be easily identifiable by PG.

Nonetheless - it‘s not always a player cheating, if he/she blasts through a base triple defended. Some flyers just practice a lot and try out different rune setups, riders, add on spells until they find the perfect match. I remember the days of Mordred, when a bunch of players had the setup right and others just screwed up with the runes. A correctly setup lead to an almost unstoppable Mordred no matter what. And LC cried foulplay, since the enemy teams just couldn’t figure out, where they screwed up.

Long story short: cheating should lead to a ban. End of story


Odd, I thought mordred was a super easy hunter that everyone could easily fly :new_moon_with_face:

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It was super easy, but again….correctly runed, it was just a class of it‘s own. Wrong runes didn’t make him bad, just not unstoppable.

I don’t think the privacy policies on iOS or Android allow one app to see the actions of other apps on that device. This isn’t my area of expertise. I agree that using this type of app in game should be considered cheating. I don’t know right now how to detect when that’s happening.


I was being ironic :joy::joy::joy::joy:, mental disabled is the thing in this case, what’s the fun to play games with cheats…if you’re not good, find other games…tetrix

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If they cant be detected can PG get rid of unlimited ammo spells?

Its only unlimited ammo where these third party apps make a meaningful difference.

Wallers / clickers / scrollers and replicaters will be fairly useless if these types of spells are removed.

Some of the target prioritization apps will still work but I think you go along way to getting rid of the issue just by removing hunter spells that offer short term unlimited ammo spells.

Its these spells where clicks will be bonded to mass spam a ridiculous number of shots at all targets.


So you’re solution to a tiny fraction of people cheating is to make things worse for everyone? Lol


The objective of Unlimited ammo is to give burst damage.

Burst damage could be achieved simply by making shots do x% more damage.

(Made up example) Instead of spamming 2 clips in a second make the clip do double damage.

You then meet the burst objective and its not easily exploitable.

But I do agree this approach would make it worse for the elite fliers like yourself because it is how you differentiate beteen the good fliers and elite fliers. (Finger speed, platform and muscle memory / reflexes )

With my proposal elite fliers would lose some of their competitive advantage because everyone would be constrained by ammo clip and not finger speed and that certainly isn’t fair either

I’m just not sure there is a good approach if explots arent detectable due to Google and Apple limitations.

Its just frustrating that mods are enabling average fliers to be almost as effective as pro fliers.

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So for Barbend, he would literally one shot towers :joy:

I get your point, cheating sucks, but that just isn’t the way to fix it lol


What do you mean? You blink and the island is cleared. Basically 1 shots anyways ….right :grimacing:


Problem is even with the multi tap function app that you are talking about I assume it can be used on all hunters, unlimited ammo is just one advantage, but if you can basically use the function to just tap on one tower and fire say 4 times it’s doing the same thing no? So basically you can just one tap towers. So the solution wouldn’t be removing the spell it would be trying to police if something is up with fliers who fire way to much compared to what is the normal, like wouldn’t be hard to calculate how fast it actually is possible to touch a screen and how many fingers you can land on a screen, so working out someone whose cheating using such apps would be possible if you could see how many shots they fire at any interval and how fast the interval of shots come are, if that makes sense, makes sense in my head.

Like if you could work out perimeters of the max shots it is possible to manually fire with the unlimited spell, and anyone who fires more then this would be cheating

I believe pg could detect devices that are jailbroken, which I’ve been told are how players are able to change the war dragon app and edit dragons and use other apps etc, if they banned all devices and accounts linked to jailbroken devices that would stop most of the cheating that happens

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No idea about iOS. But on android you can detect when accessibility services are enabled, and use heuristics to detect when players are using them to cheat the game.

That would be a disproportionate reaction. I need root access on all my devices so that I can do my job.


What the hell is a tap app?

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