Utterly baffled

So, I know i havent posted here in quite awhile, and theres likely another post somewhere on this but I just had to post this because i cant, for the life of me, figure out why this season is being run this way. Can anyone tell me the logic of running not one, but both, fort events with no tower branch and then bringing out the tower branch(with all the timers we need) the very next week? Along with the decision to put a poll in the forum about a change to atlas, having it significantly outvoted, then implementing it anyway, deciding to run the regular season this way seems like just another punch to the gut.


So regarding the season I understand the concern but the cadence is pretty standard so yes we don’t have timers for Week 7 but you do for week 11. You just have to plan accordingly like every other part of the game.

I won’t comment on the poll as that was discussed in other threads at great length.


If I’m not mistaken it won’t come out on a fort event for another 3 seasons is they keep it as week 8.

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There were four fort events between the release of the Tower Branch in SoulDance season and Eclipse season.
Having three fort events before the next Tower Branch release hasn’t changed much from the rhythm of the past.

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Not really, the tower line has hopped around quite a bit, week 8 was last season but that isnt a special week or anything, they could easily move it back a week. Week 8 last season was a fort event. Before this the tower line has always come out during a fort event

Any idea what their reasoning is for making this the first time the tower line comes out not during a Fort event?

Spring 2020

  • Howitzer released week 7 during Fort

Summer 2020

  • Howitzer released week 2 during Fort
  • Pylon released week 10 during Fort

Fall 2020

  • Pylon released week 1 during Fort

Winter 2020

  • Howitzer/Orrery release week 8 during Fort

Spring 2021

  • Howitzer/Orrery? released week 8 during PvP… :expressionless:

Last season was a chance, since all of the second fortification events come before week 8.

PG has created a plan already which is the tower branches arrive at the week 8 and i was assuming that would be the same in this season even before they announce…

This is not an issue, and not something we can complaint in my opinion. We can only wish to pull the branches back a bit but this creates other problems for some players who planned to finish the branches in the week 9, by taking advantage of 20% more rss.

On the other hand, there are limited favours PG will do, and i don’t want to spend one of our rights on pulling the branches just for the players who doesn’t have a lot of timers for not even 3rd but the 2nd fortification.


We absolutely can and it is justified in this situation since again, this will be the first time a tower branch came out not during a fort event.

Not really, they extended the boost period last season by a week, they could just as easily do it again. If they’d at least annouce they were releasing it a week early ahead of time then people would have time to plan. PG can do anything they like, nothing is set in stone. They can move up or move back whatever they like.

That’s not the entire issue. I personally want the Orrery line out sooner so I can finish mine. As it is I’ll have to wait until the last fort event to level it which will be difficult since 122s should be coming out. Week 7 fort is the one we get this season with no new tower levels. People want the tower lines for different things, yes the timers but also for the electrums and charges.
Let us remember that this game isnt just about what is good for us personally. You might not need those timers for next fort but many people do, it is better to release the tower line during a fort than after it.


I don’t speak for my personal own good, if PG makes a change like this, and increase the duration of the boost for one week that’s awesome. Then everybody becomes happy but

That was because of the messed Kingdom Wars event

Of course we can, but not like “how is this possible!!” I mean that’s up to the person, but i don’t think it works

They can also nerf the things, upload 1.000.000 rubies in your account of course :man_shrugging:t2: Who said they can’t, they can but they don’t

OP was talking about timers, so let’s keep in mind, not all others (maybe someone we don’t like) are selfish. I got teammates who have the same opinion about pulling the branch back, but i believe it’s more accurate to stick the plan that they announced, bad or good, we plan as it is. If they change it in a good way “yaaaaay” but if it’s in bad way i bet we will see a lot of people leaving the game again

Note: i got enough timers, enough rss, enough sigils to complete it if they release it at week 7. So it’s either way not a problem for me.

That doesnt mean they cant do it again. Leos had a 15% rss boost for 3 weeks

They nerf things all the time. “Everything is subject to change”, especially if it isnt even out yet. You cant really compare changing the release date so that something continues to follow a pattern with giving everyone a million rubies. It’s not like the tower line would suddenly become free

I doubt people would leave over a line coming out early. Unless they pulled another Summer 2020 Pylon line where they completely removed all the gold chests but this time removed all the timers.

Neither for me, I’m sitting on my sigils until it comes out unless the week 6 rider ends up being amazing (very doubtful). But I also hate waiting, especially when there is no actual reason for it other than PG being stubborn. But releasing it after fort does hurt some people’s progress for no reason. For me it’s just very annoying that there is no way to get access to charges for the Orrery until after Fort

Personally I dont feel a need for spaced-out releases, I’d rather they just released everything at once. Or at least released the tower line and both riders at the start in wave 1, legendary dragons I couldnt care less about if they’re not discounted.


100% agreed


I don’t really get the need to delay the release of stuff like tower lines. It’s just tower stuff, I’d hope you don’t need to be testing whether the tower you released last season still works 9 weeks into this season and need to be delaying the release of the line.

Timers are a big part of it but not the only part. They just released the orrery, which takes another new rss to build which you can only get through the branch. Regardless of any past cadences or whatever other reasons some see as reasonable, it makes absolutely no sense to drop a new tower that requires a new currency to build, then not bring that currency back out until 2 of the seasons 3 fort events have passed. Also, i personally dont see using common sense as some kind of “favor being cashed in. Maybe im just crazy or maybe im just a crap player that doesnt plan well enough but im just thinking that it isnt much to ask that tower currencies are available for fort events. I mean, i could understand when they are bringing out a brand new tower, that no one has started building yet, that they may wait until later in the season but existing tower branches should be available for all fort events when they take special rss to build. Just my opinion anyway.


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