V3.70 Release Notes


Update 3.70 is almost here! This update primarily contains Atlas improvements, as well as bug fixes and general improvements. Below are the update notes as well as some commentary on the idea behind the changes and balance tweaks. Sorry we couldn’t post this sooner but the forums weren’t cooperating :confused:. As always, mechanics and params are all subject to change to improve the balance of the game … your candid feedback will help us make the right changes, so thanks in advance!

Changes to Atlas Gameplay Mechanics

  1. Economy Balance

    • Scaled peasant recruiting to be more like energy. (The first refill is cheap, but recruiting peasants get progressively more expensive each day)
    • Each Bullhorn item now provides up to 4k peasants to train (versus 2k before).
      • Like Energy Packs, Bullhorns now have diminishing utility with repeated use. This means that while it takes 4 Bullhorns get 16k peasants, it will take more Bullhorns to get another 16k peasants.
      • Quickly building up an army is more costly,but raising an army modestly faster (e.g. 2x) is now cheaper than before.
    • Shifted costs away from time and more into Gold and Glory.
      • Storage Huts can now store more gold (these are just a few examples of the gold cap; it increases linearly between these levels).
    • Infrastructure upgrade changes

      • Infrastructure now takes 1/5th of the time to build/upgrade, but costs a little over twice as much Gold (215%).
      • Costs start higher but ramp up much more slowly now (with final levels greatly reduced in cost).
      • Level loss on conquer increased to 10% from 3% (still rounded up to a minimum loss of 1 level total).
      • Upkeep was set far too low due to a bug in the model. It has been raised to about 5-10% of a team’s income (depending on whether they are highly active [5% overhead] or moderately active [10% overhead]) when the team owns 15-22 continents (depending on continent quality). Teams with fewer continents will have less upkeep overhead, and those with more continents will have increasingly more overhead. Upkeep targets assume a team of 50 contributing members.
      • Bank capacity for gold has been increased dramatically at lower levels (up to ~300%) and by smaller amounts at higher levels.
      • Bank capacity for food and wood has been increased. The baseline has gone up from 250k to 500k. The per-level increase has gone from 400k to 1,000k.
    • Primarch upgrade changes (These values are for Bronze Primarchs; the Fighter’s changes are slightly smaller)
      • Time to upgrade from 0 to max level reduced by ~77% (4.4x less!)
      • ~2.4x more Gold cost from 0 to max level increased by 140%
      • ~1.8x more Glory cost from 0 to max level increased by 80%
    • Made gold and troops more grindable, and to a lesser extent crafting shards as well.
      • Increase baseline gold dramatically so it is about 50% of the maximum payout which is attained by owning lots of high quality territory and banks); better enable teams to compete.
      • Baseline troop construction time reduced by 50%
        troop construction time can now be reduced by up to an additional 50% via infrastructure (was 33%).
      • troop gold cost is no longer reduced by infrastructure.
      • Players now have 20 total daily multipliers to use towards Gold from Mines or Crafting Materials from Poachers.
        • A player can get enough gold to build ~864 troops with ~7 attacks each day. This number of troops used to take 24hr to build prior to this release. It now takes just 12hr to build this many troops (if you own zero territory; see below if you do own territory).
        • A player can get enough gold to build 2x864 troops with ~20 attacks each day (again, any combination of mines or poachers). This number of troops used to take 48hr to build prior to this release. It now takes just 24hr to build this many troops.
        • If you own strong territory with high level banks and ports, you can get up to 2x the gold from the same number of attacks AND reduce the build time of troops build up to 2x (i.e., you could build 3,456 troops a day if your team owned a ton of really powerful territory without using any timers, etc.).
        • Peasants now regenerate ~8% faster. This means you have enough peasants to build 3,456 new troops a day. Even if you’re not in a top region, you can cheaply build more troops per day by spending a few timers.
        • Gold won from mines and poachers is now identical (i.e., it grows with the number and quality of banks you own).
        • Poachers no longer award bonus gold (just bonus crafting materials).
        • Crafting shard multipliers are now lower, but base payouts are higher (so same loot during daily runs, and then more loot beyond those runs).
      • Poacher spawn interval reduced from 2h to 1h.
  2. Infrastructure Storage

    • When a castle is conquered, its infrastructure goes into the defender’s storage (like buildings on your base)
    • When a team conquers a castle, it may opt to use infrastructure from storage, or build from scratch.
  3. Limit troop Donation

    • May only transfer 200 troops per day to other players (only teammates now)
    • It’s not very fun if your gameplay is limited to just giving some higher level player all your troops.
  4. Non-Contiguous Ownership

    • Teams may open a portal from any castle they own to any other castle they own.
      • Only usable by your team
      • Only a limited number of troops can move through the portal each day (increases with average infrastructure level; this limit is shared by the entire team)
    • Design Goals: - encourage teams to own territory in different parts of the world
      1. Safeguard teams from total annihilation
      2. More neighbors
      3. Supports big biomes (where no team can hold contiguous territory big enough to cover all biomes)
  5. More compelling events

    • Better rewards (already live since the most recent glory event!)
      • Improve the return on investment of participating players and teams
      • More timers / tokens (possibly in the future, depending on player feedback)
      • More crafting scrolls / red rider shards
  6. Combat Balance

    • Blend to 0% Primarch stats influence at 0% destroyed (if better for the defender)
      • Primarch stats influence drops from 100% effective at 70% destruction to 80% effective at 69% destruction … so that tiny margin between victory and defeat is very important now!
    • Cap kill rate at 10:1
    • A Garrison cannot be attacked if the owning team has any Primarchs at the castle.
    • Rusher now disables enemy Primarch abilities (except other Rushers):
      • If a Taunter is trapped, it does not Taunt.
      • If a Seiger is trapped, it does not debuff the enemy Fort.
    • Peasants are no longer rescued and added into your peasant count when attacking and losing Troops.
    • Both attacker and defender can now revive a sizeable fraction of the glory potential they lost
      • The winner of the battle (attacker or defender!) can gain an advantage in terms of glory earning potential (biggest if the kill-death ratio is at or near the cap). The winner will also have a tactical advantage (the opponent lost more and thus has less presence and ability to project power in the world) and an economic advantage (revive cost relatively more peasant than gold or time).
    • Lowered revive costs (relative to training new troops)
      • Reduced gold cost for reviving troops to ~23.3% (from 28%)
      • Reduced peasant cost for reviving troops to ~46.7% (from 50%)
      • Reduced time cost for reviving troops by ~23% (as a percentage of new troop build time, it has been raised from 14.3% to 23.3% … but new troops cost half as much as before, hence why the actual revive time cost is in fact lower!).
    • A continent which is covered by a major event shield will always be covered by fog of war

Changes to Atlas Usability

  1. Improved Camera Functions

    • Lock/Unlock camera rotation and orientation by tapping compass
    • Accelerated panning and zoom speed
    • Double tap to zoom-in to new pre-set zoom levels
  2. Castle label updates

    • Team Owner Display
    • Color representations for friend, enemy and neutral castles
    • Castles now show team owner color
  3. Castle Ownership View

    • New menu showing all regions and castles which your team owns
  4. Various other improvements

    • VFX for Team Targeted Castles
    • Post battle VFX for locations battle has occurred
    • Added icons to show region level
    • Colored Primarchs Red and Blue to designate friend vs enemy
    • Colored Poachers to make picking targets easier
    • Crests added for top 5 global rank teams in Atlas

Other Changes

  • Numerous bugfixes
  • Fixed a number of bugs that could cause crashes or sync errors

Troop Donation Cap Increase


I may have more questions tomorrow once I can read through these more carefully, but am I reading it correctly that attackers won’t recover peasants at all? So defenders get an improved revive and attackers nothing?

Also what is the reference to revive as it pertains to glory points? “Both attacker and defender can revive
a sizeable fraction of lost glory…”. Does this have anything to do with reviving peasants? Don’t quite follow.

Finally, since trap has been buffed can you refresh my memory as to how long trap lasts once applied?


@XxSPOOKYxX Attackers get to revive some losses now too!

Rusher trap duration 3-15min depending on the Rusher’s level. The duration is also listed on the Tech Tree page so you can checkout how long your own Rusher can trap for (though you can’t see the range of values there).


Ah, OK. Can you quantify this? IIRC, defenders could potentially revive around 85% of lost troops under optimal conditions. Still the same? And how does attacker revive compare to it?

Also, I assume trap is immediately dispelled once the trapping rusher is destroyed? Will it be possible to easily tell which rusher unit is trapping a particular primarch? Hitting the right one might prove quite important with these changes.


Good point on identifying the rusher involved it should probably pair off with the enemy primarch (face to face with it). Maybe add some kind grappling hooks/chains graphic connecting them for clarity.
If it gets killed and another prim is lined up in front of it, but has no graphic, its not trapping it. If someone then traps it, the prims shuffle around and the trapper is face to face with it with a grappling hook/chain graphic connecting it.


@XxSPOOKYxX Yes, the trap ends immediately if the Rusher is destroyed.

Re Visualizing it – I don’t think we currently tell you which Rusher is trapping you … it seems like it’d make sense to do so, however. I’ll add this our roadmap. I’m not exactly sure the best way to visualize this right now, even in the 2D UI list of Primarchs in a location. Maybe we show the word “trapped” and when you tap it it highlights the enemy Primarch(s) which are trapping that Primarch?

@Doc Your idea about grappling hooks / chains and arranging the parties involved adjacent to each other is good. Adding this to our roadmap.


Nice idea Doc

  1. Doc’s idea is very good. Could you also add the info to the 2D UI list as you suggest? When there’s a lot of action at an island that can be easier to navigate than the 3D map.

  2. Also, are you suggesting that multiple rushers can trap a primarch at the same time? I had assumed it was in seriatim.

  3. Unless I missed it in the spiffy new forums, still don’t have a sense of the quantification of attacker revive vs defender revive. Can you shed any light on this?


I sent a ticket in regarding this already but it’s taking too long. Prior to the update I upgraded our HQ. After updating the wait time didn’t scale down and now we’re stuck waiting 465 days which we’re obviously not speeding up knowing the times were scaled down. Thats enough speed ups to max an HQ from level 1 now. @PGDave please help

  1. Yep, one of our engineers will be implementing this soon. It’s at the top of their backlog.
  2. Yes, multiple rushers could trap a single Primarch. This redundancy is useful if the enemy is trying to take out the rushers to free their friend.
  3. Revive is proportional to the glory one missed out on my getting their troops killed (less some percentage). Basically, if you get attacked by someone really strong and lose very badly and thus get little glory, you’ll have a lot more available to revive than if you defend well, lose little and thus got a lot of glory. If one side does very well (offense or defense) they’ll get more glory that they ever could by being on the losing end (even once you recursively account for all the revives). Basically, players earn a premium for doing well. And players which get beat up lose out on “just” that premium plus the tactical advantage of having troops now versus later (troops in the revive queue are useful in the future, but not so helpful in the heat of battle). Does that make any sense?


@Rugyt Brutes, I commiserate with your plight. It wouldn’t be fair to speedup just your infrastructure though. Do you (and others) think we should update the time remaining for any upgrade started before the update? It seems like a nice gesture we could make, though teams which already expedited would be out of luck (and doing stuff like this does take time – time which we’d otherwise spend on other things … if it was free and I was sure nobody had expedited already, I would do it in a heartbeat … wish we’d thought about it earlier … if only the forums had been live so we could’ve posted the pre-release notes sooner!). What do you all think?

  1. Thanks!
  2. Oh, I saw the tactical utility right away. Just didn’t know it was possible. TBH I’ve hardly used trap. At this point, is there even any visual/text indication anywhere that you’ve successfully trapped someone?
  3. I think I have it, more or less. There is a negative correlation between glory and revive if I am understanding you correctly. The better you do offensively or defensively, glory goes up while revive goes down.

Real world example. A level 92 got stuck on our blocker today. I attacked him/her for science. Me level 4 destroyer 14K troops, them level 1 destroyer 400 troops. Unsurprisingly, attack outcome was 1 dragon 5 flames. Result: About 110 troops lost, ~400 troops killed, ~300 glory, 12 troops available for revive. This about what you expect? 10% available for revive under these circumstances?

  1. I think if you tap on the trapped Primarch it should tell you it is trapped. Working on showing more detail in the Primarch list UI.
    3/ex) Sounds like you’ve got it. Plugging it into our internal battle calculator looks like it aligns with expectations fwiw. 300 glory from losing just 110 troops (with ~10% available to revive) is a very solid outcome, nice fight!


Well, I’m over level 300 so if I would have failed vs a 92 my team never would have let me hear the end of it :grin:
Thanks for double checking the numbers.

This doesn’t go here, exactly, but doesn’t deserve its own thread:

A. I seem to recall beta banners used to be easily visually distinguishable from an RSS hit, for example. Think they were a much lighter shade of green. That seems to have been lost in a prior update. Can we get visually distinct beta banners back in game?

B. I noticed that you can click the primarch symbol in the upper left of beta but it doesn’t act as I thought it would. I was hoping it was a toggle between all active primarchs and would switch the active primarch and move the camera to the new active one. Instead it…changes colors with no discernible effect? Am I missing something?

C. Same icon and nearly identical model is used for the fighter and destroyer. Can we get one of them changed? Perhaps the fearsome Draco as the fighter model/icon?


A) Looks like this was lost in the 3D version. Added this to the backlog for our next major release (extremely full already, but hope we can bring this back soon).
B) Tapping the compass unlocks/locks the ability to rotate the camera currently. Togging between active primarchs sounds like a nice feature, though I don’t know where we’d put camera lock/unlock if we did that.
C) Our art team wants to have distinct models for them eventually too. Bandwidth is currently an issue, so I’m not sure when we’ll be able to do it. I know several weeks ago I posted a request (on the old forums) for ideas about new Primarchs … so maybe as part of that batch. Haven’t kicked anything off for new Primarchs yet, but I’m tentatively hoping to introduce them in 3.90/December. Higher priority is at least one deeper major event for WM (like in the latest proposal … king of the hill style event or something which utilizes the space Atlas gives us!).


Oh, OK. I absolutely hated the rotating camera from the last version so I’ll never unlock it. Maybe you could move the compass unlock icon to the “drawer” menu on the right (do people really toggle it a lot?) and change the compass to a primarch selector? Juggling multiple primarchs at once is still a pain point–it’s surprisingly aggravating to switch between two.

Understood on the other two, thanks.


Yes you should I also highly doubt anyone has buildings with 400+ days. And like I said before that’s enough timers to pretty much max an HQ with the new timers. The least you could do is cancel the build or something and set us to what it was before the upgrade which was level 11. @PGDave


@Rugyt Done. Enjoy! Please PM if anything looks amiss.


Thanks You the best Dave :metal: