V4.15 - V4.16 delays?

“We’re still working on some features for our next major release, Version 4.16, so as soon as we’re ready, we’ll share the details for that update with the community. Thanks for your patience!” PGPunch

Patience comes much easier when you give time frame estimates. Let us know if we’re talking a week, two, three? Atlas expansion, among other things, were said to be contingent on this update. I could honestly give two shakes on what Atlas is… but its pending expansion has become critical to retention as well as recruiting and each day the attrition turnstiles spin faster. Please…

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“Working on “ usually takes a year. :eyes: lets lower our expectations.


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It means everything promised in 4.15 is being pushed back because changing the app icon is a lot more important


It means all they’re capable of is changing it at this point. They still have to start on the rest. The coding fairy fell through.

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If it weren’t for their history I’d hold out hope that we’re being punked for an April Fools prank…

So for weeks they drag us along saying 4.15 will be ready and now when it’s the very week where there should be starting to implement it, they delay it again pushing atlas release further as well.

But hey working on wood eating hippo drag seemed more important than getting updates ready on time. So when will 4.16 come out then?

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@DragonPunch can you give us a little more specific information please. How much longer are we looking at?

We anticipate 4.16 releasing within the week, but I don’t want to give a target date in case the team needs to push it back for unforeseen reasons. :slight_smile:


Thank you PgCrisis. I appreciate the answer very much.

We all know PG doesn’t give exact dates, and even giving timeframes is frowned upon because if you don’t meet a “deadline”, the community demands heads on spikes…

And for clarity, I typed this BEFORE Crisis replied…

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I mean, you’re not wrong. I don’t want my head on a spike.


Not even GoT style? :thinking: see…making you think…

Thank you so much for responding! Totally understand you don’t want to give specific dates, THANK YOU!

I thought we were getting 4.15?

Can you please post the list of teams that you will be adding. It should be ready if the teams were going to be added with the 4.15 update

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Check your ruby elite after this “update”. I’ve lost mine.

Edit: Ruby Elite restored after reinstalling



Are you saying you already got 4.15 and you lost your ruby elite?

Yes. It’s out on iOS.

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