Vacation spot with Atlas - Gold I - ArmyOfMayhem - 25+

ArmyOfMayhem had a bad merger and we do not really want to rebuild at this time, but we are keeping the team open for anyone that would like a place to chill out and still have access to Atlas. A place you don’t have to worry about doing wars or anything.

Just thought I’d let folks know in case there is anyone out there that needs a bit of a break.

Edit: I’ve been approached by folks wanting to take over the team. Sorry, but I’m not ready to just give the team away.


We still have lots of available spots if anyone here needs a bit of a vacation.

I got a lot in my team who wanna play in atlas, however they wanna have me as leader.
Unfortunately and I can understand it a very little bit, that players keep atlas to themselves.
However it is screwing up the whole game when players close there teams and keep atlas for themselves when players wanna overtake and have proven they can run a team.
Good luck filling the spots.

Excuse me? I’m “screwing up the whole game”? My officers and I worked our butts off to get the team to Plat so we would have a chance to get Atlas when they had the next roll-out. I don’t know you. You are a complete stranger. And yet, you expect people that have put their blood, sweat and tears into a team to just hand it over to some random stranger but you’re too good to give up leadership to get Atlas for your team? SMH

If you are that great as a leader, get your team to Sapphire and you will get Atlas. :woman_shrugging:t2:

Right now it’s a vacation spot but perhaps in the future we will try to rebuild. IF the time comes when I know that won’t happen, then I would CONSIDER handing the team over. But even then I wouldn’t just give it away. They’d have to join, let me get to know them and know they weren’t just a bunch of jerks (there are a lot of those in this game), and then I might hand it over. But someone wants our team? They will have to put some work in.


Be careful who you accept, I smell a mutiny if some get on your team surreptitiously…

The fact that you won’t “give up” atlas is not at all messing up the game IMO. Just validating you on that one.


Sounds like you are bitter that they aren’t just going to give their team to you. They don’t owe you anything, so why should they? :man_shrugging:


Arylia isn’t screwing up the game anymore than your team wanting you to remain the leader and will forgo access to Atlas in order to remain loyal does.

While that might be admirable, and of course this is entirely within your and their “rights” it may not be what’s best for your team. It’s all about choices and opportunity costs.


I’ve just seen your base. I wouldn’t want you leading me with towers that are 13 levels behind and too few in number. :man_shrugging:


Thanks for all the support!! Funny, but before I saw this, I was thinking that perhaps it was time to give it up… but this just reinforced my belief that there are way too many entitled folks in this game. :rofl:

It’s hard to just hand something over that you’ve worked so hard for. We made it to Plat II about 3 months after creation so we would have a chance to get Atlas.


I sended my players a message to join any team with atlas, 1 player from the 45 reacted to go away, the rest not wanted to leave the team.
There is atm a p3 team with 7 players guided by our gold team, we already accepted it that it’s probably our task to guide them.

Oh and don’t forget, the team already lost several adult players because the unfairness they feel how Atlas is distributed, and it were good spenders.

It will be a sad day when your interpersonal skills cease to amaze me.

I’m really good at giving people a hard time who are giving others a hard time. Its a vicious circle sometimes :slight_smile:



I feel like that’s Canada’s job on the world platform, so you’re doing us proud here on the WD forum haha :slight_smile:

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