Valens backbreed?

Is this correct?

According to Dragons-Manager there is no backbreed for Valens that don’t use Lusian? But you need Valens to get Lusian so I’m confused.

Is Archon + Capulos supposed to give 90% Valens and 10% Modrian or the other way around?

Gotta love circular breeds…

It seems as if Valens is an anchor bird! :thinking:
Thanks for letting me know that Dragon-Manager got it figured out already🙏

Did you miss sandberg’s update or something?


I really hope Archon + Capulos give a backbreed for Valens or there is a glitch somewhere??? There must be a way to get Valens cheap without breeding Lusian???

@Arelyna please check on this!!! Thank you!!!

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Previous tiers (harb, vanguard) each had 6 mythic+legendary=legendary combos for each mythic with reciprocal backbreeds, eg itzani+sanguis=kaze and itzani+kaze=sanguis. This meant that every legendary could have a backbreed assuming you had a mythic and the legendary “twin” to breed.

Looking at Sandberg’s data, this tier there are still 6 mythic+legendary backbreed pairs, but there are 2 different legendaries that will pair with a given mythic to give the same offspring, eg Seraph+Valens=Methalex and Seraph+Tuktu=Methalex.

Unfortunately, it looks like PG messed up/wants to mess with us, because of 6 potential backbreeds per mythic, 4 are of the legendaries that are needed to breed the mythic in the first place; Methalex+Evakhet=Seraph, and Seraph’s backbreeds are Methalex x2, Evakhet x2, and Modrian x2. Same pattern holds for Archon and Lusian.

@Arelyna can confirm if this was intended?

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I agree. I find that weird as well! :thinking:
From Red’s guide, they have deleted 2 previous combos, which didn’t make sense to do.
However, I believe Sandberg and Red are the best equipped to answer this🤓

This is most disappointing, looks like it should have been called the week of the player :triumph:

They cheated and adjusted 2 breeding options, it used be you get Modrian as a bonus breeding Sera, and get Capulous as a bonus breeding Lusian!
But took off Modrian and replaced it with Tuktu🤷🏻‍♂️

Check Red’s all options!


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