Valentine’s Day drag!

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saved a bunch of sigils did we?


Shouldn’t she suck the love out of your life or break hearts or something fluffy and warm?


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And it wont overlap with Super Sigil Chest I bet? :confused:

Is it any good?

The art team rocks. Looks like a my little pony on steroids. :rofl:

2 white spells… interesting. It’ll be interesting to see how much of a buff the war cry gives since it’s white.

2 good resists.

Should be a very good warrior.


Does it matter if its Legendary and not Mythic? It affects its overall power, right?

Seems like we will have a little time to get him ;( Too bad. If Super Sigil chest aint coming this week, I wont be able to make it.

what level does it go to? obsidian or harbinger?

Nice money dragon. Wonder how much.

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It’s 50% for the breeding event so won’t be too bad I guess

It had better come with a Lisa Frank style portrait


If sigils actually dropped and we didn’t have to spend for them I might be excited.

I think you can use this dragon’s branch for the extra items it will give since its 50% discount.

Do it for the items if you don’t like the dragon.


Of freaking course.

Are you sure you don’t want this one?


If memory serves correctly weren’t we specifically told at the beginning of the season there wouldn’t be a discounted dragon like this for the winter season. I think it was in the wintertide preview thread. I only point it out because I know many people (me included) was acting under the assumption that the 2nd rider would be the last release of the season based on the information provided at the beginning of the season. I know shame on me for not waiting to spend sigils, but I made my plan based on what I remember being told by PG at the beginning of the season. Does anyone else remember this?


Yes, they did say that. I think they compared it to Anuba, that there will be no such offer for Wintertide.

I’m guessing revenue was down and they needed something for people to spend on. Captain Tor must not have brought the spenders out like they thought he would.

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Oh I am sure that is the case. I was just making sure I wasn’t remembering incorrectly as I try to plan sigils for the entire season based on what PG tells us so I went ahead and got the 2nd rider based on the fact it was the last thing that was supposed to be released. A bit frustrating but that’s not a new feeling really.

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Too bad we probably wont get Sigils chest until next weekend, so its not gonna overlap with 50% discount. It looks really promising, this warrior.