Valentine’s Day drag!


@Arelyna @PGCrisis did you guys say or not say whether a bonus dragon would not be put out this season? If you said no, why the change (besides the usual money grab by PG) that if told in advance would have affected how people spent their sigils.


Wait, what? This is legit? I thought the OP dreamed this up?



One of the CF folks posted it here too:


It’s legit, CF confirmed.


Yay finally a shiny new unicorn :rofl: I need it. If only I had all the sigils :rofl:


Well FML then… at the risk of sounding like an ingrate, I just spent all my sigils on captain underpants.

Stuff like this is what gives PG a bad rap IMO. I get they are a business but unless I’m reading this wrong I have one week to complete the branch? Even at 50% if it’s a regular branch it’s going to take like 13,000 sigils.



If you want my honest opinion, I think you spent your sigils well :see_no_evil: Then again, warriors do not serve me much atm.


Me either but the resists and spells seem pretty darn good at first glance. At least it’s not a mythic I guess


I think this is a good dragon for lower levels, without a doubt. Mystic Winds is a lot of fun to play with.

Also, my own images (cause yay variety)


Disregard this desperate money grab people!!! Warriors suck at higher levels. Do not go to the light continue on your path. Do not be a DORY!!! PG stated they would not be introducing another dragon. The rider would take it’s place, instead they introduce the rider full price then add this thing to not look stupid. Can you tell I’m frustrated ugh


Why didn’t PG just come out and say free players weren’t welcome in War Dragons anymore. I’d prefer that far more than the nonsense over the past year. Dragon Project is looking like the place I want to spend my leisure time more and more.


I rest my case


I really think this is aimed at collectors and low levels who cannot even use the other dragons yet, since Kirin will start at Red.


Maybe since the dragon is at 50% and the season ending soon you have to spend money to get this dragon it will be a beast but who knows


You are right I’m just super frustrated they clearly said they wouldn’t do this and ofcourse they did!!! This is why the trust goes down the toilet. The fact that they do a 50% for one week is ridiculous. Just the whole idea makes me upset. I’m not a type of person who flips out like this I always give the benefit of the doubt but this is too much.Tor should have been 50% taking the place as they stated even if it was a week. To just blindside us like this!! Ugh


so in other words its a dragon that can spam war cry to boost a backer… other than that it doesn’t look like much use.


Found it.

Around the 40 minute mark. 5 Dragons and 2 riders this season. I now count 6 :joy::joy:

So seeing as this drag was never even mentioned for those of us who plan the entire season out. Any chance you can release the Super Sigil Chest one week early.


Exactly mike😂 just money pit


Just wait to see if they do anything else. Patience love.

With a 4 second cool down, but yeah.


yup, i guess if one of the little guys can cast that twice and kill the mage drain island it could actually make a little lvl guy lead useful.