Valentine’s Day drag!


ya may only get it off once… oh well.


Agreed. And the Mystic Winds makes this ideal to handle rage drain islands. Especially for those equipped with a low level perch or storm where the lead can leave it alive and make the turn to try and take something else out.

It may not be ideal for high levels but for those mid levels it can really help a backer against some tougher bases.


Lol depending on how many stones it has or what tier it ends at


Basically, WD is telling us to never believe them again lol. Noted.


perches should not be on a rage drain island… but yes.


you didn’t know this already? lol


I didn’t lol but I am a fast learner :sob:


Red-Obsidian I think


Until they release a She-Ra rider to put on this I am not interested.


Super sigil chest should be 50% off. Funny how we found out they been lying this whole time on Valentine’s Day lol


I’m getting that dragon as a decoration for my base’s perch. Should be nice to have a fluffy unicorn that will blast enemis with love and shatter their own dragon’s hearts!


What do you all think? Like Nydryr/Anuba or better or worse?


Better than both. Mage shots won’t ruin his day.


Okay, then it would be fine if I got him/her for my collection right?


I’m just getting it at red stone so I can stare at it (YAAAAYYYY It’s pink and white :heart:️)


Just in case you know, to be clear will the dragon branch be available just during the breeding event or will its line be discounted just for the event and the dragon branch will still be available until the end of the season at full price after the breeding event?


The dragon will be available for the rest of the season, but only discounted this week.


Very interesting. This dragon could be a very good for a lead, especially on short bases that have a weak tower or two at the very front and the a long gap before the kill island. We shall see. A permenant 20 or 30 percent boost on the backer would be really handy.


Well that makes me less cranky then. I guess I misread the OP.

If the battle cry like spell is white it should stay for all following dragons too regardless of existing mage towers (until a white one shows up someday).

Thanks Red!


Ice flak may be the “white mage”

It disables all active spells when supershotted.