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It’d be…


I believe this would be a proper understanding of how silence works.

Removes any currently active spell and prevents casting of new spells for a short time.


Is it active or passive if the dragon isn’t the one that cast it? Hmm?

Perhaps I’ve discovered a loophole?



I don’t think ice flak would remove the War Cry buff. I could run it with battle cry to test but once the buff is there it should stay. It’s not like equipping a shield or prepping chain lightning where those can be cancelled out.


this is my hope, but have no idea.


For clarification:
Kayla as any other rider can be equipped on any dragon no matter which element it is.
Only equipping her wind gear would bind her to wind element dragons.


I want her :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: although I dont think I will get far :unamused:


As I understand it, the ice flak will remove the buff


What is the buff that comes on the Battle Cry Spell? It’s 25%, right?
Because I can barely tell a difference when that is activated. So TBH 10% seems like NOTHING to me- especially for 2 rage. AND with a 4 second cool down? I get that it is a while spell and that it carries over to the next dragon, but still… 10%? I don’t see how I’d stay alive long enough to use it more than once. lol
Mystic winds is worth the rage, obviously. But War Cry is very underwhelming to me.


it will only be useful if it gets cast multiple times…


I will spend a few hundred sigils to get the base level 1 dragon for the castle. Because i have a few extra sigils this season after getting what i wanted.


I can confirm ice flak removes the battle cry buff off the dragon. I just tested this.

The thing is, if I let Ursa get hit with the ice flak after casting it twice - it removes the spell. If I then cast it after I kill the flak I can get the battle cry buff back onto Ursa. However, if I swap dragons the buff applied after the ice flak was down does NOT carry over to the next dragon. This is a bug correct? As I’m under the impression it should still carry over if the spell was cast after you are done getting hit with the ice flak.


Reading is good. That’s weird.


Hi everyone!

The announcement post for Kirin is officially live. Let us know what you think! :sparkling_heart: :sparkles:


while you’re here, could you answer the question concerning whether war cry would be disabled by ice flak super shot? I’m curious as to whether if the spell is successfully passed to a following dragon, will the flak disable it on that dragon if hit or would it be considered a passive spell at that point?


The only passive spells are resists, and other like buffs. Any added buff that has any way to be stopped or removed will be removed by the ice flak super shot.


This is great for those who joined game late in the season. A cool warrior to fly and reasonably easy to claim stones. Nice job :muscle:t2:


Exactly. And the likelihood of that happening is?..


The Ice Flak Supershot removes one stack of the War Cry buff. So, let’s say you’re able to cast War Cry three times during your run with Kirin. That means you currently have 3 stacks. An Ice Flak supershot would remove one of these stacks, taking you down to 2 stacks.

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Kirin need to be improved it’s just a useless dragon as he now
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