Valentine’s Day drag!


perfect. thanks Crisis. hopefully it works as intended.


Twice or 3 times if the base starts on mage drain short before hitting the main island.
Probably 5 times or more if the base has an event setup with the tower way out at the front.


yup killing mage drain is the only use i can see for this dragon… not worth it unless you are a smaller lvl person who wants to lead for one of your teams bigs.


It’s actually an interesting lead dragon. Different play style to Zam. Will still drop on the kill isle though but war cry will be interesting to use


specially for breeding , are changed planned for long spoken backbreeds for mythic garnets to make them equaly for 27500 ?

About Kirin: A 50% sale dragon which has 2 white spells and 2 resists.
not very strong, and not very low.
for half prize people can get good prizes from line…
It will be worth it ! :slight_smile:
I just hope the totall sigil is not over a normal branch, so that 50% will be fair.
What i wonder more are gylphes for the spells… Hope it wont be a resist, so that it can stack more with spells…

Lets see :slight_smile:


From my previous post . . .

I can confirm ice flak removes the battle cry buff off the dragon. I just tested this.

The thing is, if I let Ursa get hit with the ice flak after casting it twice - it removes the spell. If I then cast it after I kill the flak I can get the battle cry buff back onto Ursa. However, if I swap dragons the buff applied after the ice flak was down does NOT carry over to the next dragon. This is a bug correct? As I’m under the impression it should still carry over if the spell was cast after you are done getting hit with the ice flak.

Was I just seeing a visual bug then? After casting twice and getting hit once by an ice flak there was no battle cry left over like you said. Also after casting after I had killed the ice flak it didn’t carry over to the 2nd dragon. Visual bug or actual bug? I can try to recreate in a video if needed.


That is awesome​:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


do you really need someone to spell out the obvious for you?


Actually yeah! I invested enough hours over this game to hope for a straight up answer. And what’s up with the snark!? You work for PG? If you do then please accept all of my sarcasm. I have plenty for you. :expressionless:


ill gladly accept all the sarcasm you want to give me. makes no difference to me.
and no, i dont work for PG… i DO however live in the real world where grownups have to decide what things mean on their own without having to be specifically told :wink:


Why would you bring a dragon out this late and expect people to finish it, it should stay discounted till the end of the season don’t you think? Or was that the plan get people to spend more? Some can’t afford to pay full price yet would like it, you’ve had discounted dragons before why not keep it discounted ?


of course it was their plan to motivate us to spend more… it is a business after all. :slight_smile:


Yea you have a point but if you look at it that way as a business then maybe glitches in the game should be addressed better servers should be maintained better that’s what a good business does why spend for a poor service goes both ways.


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