Valentine's Day Official Discussion Thread


Please share your thoughts and/or ask any questions regarding the Valentines Day offerings in this thread.

Will you be my Shieldmate?
Hearts can’t stand them
When do the hearts go away?

I love the idea of having the portraits in the prize progression. This is a great bonus for this event, well done :slight_smile:


Ya I actually like most of the stuff of here.


Agreed! Love the portrait as a prize!


Portraits as prizes is great, especially at a reasonable level like that.

And I think your dragon choices for the sample images of the hearts effects are spot on. Also happy it lasts for just a week tbh :grin:


Oh my goodness! :scream: So much pink! I hate pink! I really do!!! :see_no_evil:

Other than that it will be a lovely week, I am sure. Thanks :+1:


My EYES!!! :see_no_evil:


I’m just imagining Necryx spitting pink hearts instead of blood now. I think he may go on strike for the week :joy:


Somnus, the Nightmare, Spitter of Giant Pink Hearts.


I am sorry for everyone this will offend in any way, but I just can’t control myself:

Are you sure you want to see this?


And thus Kirin becomes EVEN MORE pink…


Off topic.
@Arelyna why 2 link in the same post pointing to the same post?

On Topic.
Can’t wait :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:.
Also, perhaps the pink shade is customisable?

I believe than someone here will love other hearts more than a pink one…


Why does it have to be a PvP portrait? Couldn’t it be a portrait for Breeding event?!? So much grind if you want the animated portrait :tired_face:… (Note, sometimes the static portrait is the best one but I’m a collector…)


Okay, now that I have just tested this pink theme with Prospero, I can wholeheartedly say that I loathe every part of it:

  • The spinning hearts are distracting.
  • These bright hearts following my butt are even more distracting

I am now trying to find an ON/OFF button…


Probably human error.


Agree with you. @Arelyna can we have the lovers portrait this breeding event please, after all it is BREEDING :hugs:


Black hearts PG, such a missed opportunity for everyone that ISNT a 12 year old girl…


Lovers’ Death Door lol ok there Romeo and Juliet.



Why in the hell are we forced to have these graphical updates again?

I thought PG finally listened to us saying we want the option to turn this crap off in the last season map but now we’re forced to look at this garbage again.


Will the red valentine be in store tomorrow