Valentine's Day Official Discussion Thread


Yes, it is said in the Announcement (have you read it?)


Looks like love a quite literally in the air. Instead of shooting frozen spears, my Gunnar is shooting frozen hearts. How funny! Too bad I might not be able to get the animated portrait. I better get grinding for that PvP event. I think it’s Fight Pits


PLEASE tell me I can toggle off these hearts!! They are super annoying and it’s seriously making the game unenjoyable.


Anyway to disable the pink all over hate pink :nauseated_face:


Agree completely! These visual special changes are making me not want to fly at all this week! Good thing I don’t have to speed level anyone this event! Please allow us to turn the my little pony crap off!!!


Can we get a chunk portrait with a heart around it? :chunk: :two_hearts:

Surprised to see red card packs return, doesnt Apple/Google have big problems with these since it bypasses exchange fees?

I like the portraits in the prize line idea… but could we also get good glyphs too? Dont really need more lightning or rejuvenation glyphs. A special Valentine glyph would be pretty cool


I hate it also should have OP. To shut off


I have no pink! :sunglasses:


Looks like I’m in the minority but I love the pink. I think it’s really cute.

All these haters must be gonna be alone February 14. :sob:


Someone hasn’t updated yet :rofl:


Nope! Updated! This is ONE glitch I’m happy about! :sunglasses:


You lucky bird.


What? I expected you to like it.

It’s pretty :slightly_smiling_face:


I think it’s adorable


I’m not a huge fan of pink. (Granted this sounds rather silly considering I’m currently wrapped up in a pink bath robe… in my defense the robe is soft and fuzzy and was gifted to me by someone… I certainly didn’t pick it out myself :joy:)


And then when the event begins you’ll have no chests :smiling_imp: So you’ll be forced to reinstall to fix it!



Don’t jinx it…


My hearts turned black due to a visual glitch! Yay! So long and good riddance you eye-burning, very bright, loud, too sparkly, pink hearts!


Brilliant team mate brought up a good point… does this mean that St. Patrick’s Day will get green shamrocks? :heart_eyes:


I’m all for all the Lucky Charms symbols they want to do IF they let me toggle them off so I can have a game I enjoy playing.