Valentine's Day Official Discussion Thread


Oh god! How about rainbows or golden flames? The fire is now literally fire made of gold. That’s good idea


But golden flames are special to dear avyx😐


I think it’s cute and since it’s only temporary it’s fine!! :heartbeat::revolving_hearts::heartbeat::revolving_hearts::heartpulse::heartpulse:


I’m really happy that the devs took the time to make my drags shoot out pink hearts and have yet to figure out how to compensate my team and I for the points earned but not awarded in temple raid event.


Hate the pink and if they are going to do something this ridiculous at least give us a way to turn it off. Anyone who actually knows anything about Valentine’s Day wouldn’t celebrate it.

Make the game actually work properly rather than making dragons vomit hearts.


After update I received 844 points from Temple Raid that I wasn’t given during event!!


How about the dragons fire actual blasts of gold coins?


I want my dragon to fire fireballs. Not hearts. Not gold coins.


But what about spreading good fortune?

Or maybe PG should add a Midas/Leprechaun themed dragon in at some point


I got 600something after update. Salt in the wound on not getting the 3x bonus for taking supercharged fire temple first.


Depression and suicide rates increase during this time of the year. Please make these visual changes able to be turned off so it doesnt increase the problem. I can see an issue many people may have with this.


In fairness, the pink hearts would be done by the VFX team, not the events or PX teams. So one has no effect on the other.


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If I want pink hearts, I’ll buy a box of crayons. The UI is overloaded with fx already. Do us a favor and focus on clarity, not kitsch.


I am very sad that my game has finally succumbed to the pink-vasion…



MLP is awesome, this is not!


Is there an option to turn these heart things off?


Anyone else wondering about… and actually hoping for another surprise extra dragon that we weren’t supposed to get? S&H were so disappointing that I’d welcome another try for something that doesn’t suck this season besides Gunnar and Astrid (not including mythics)


Is Arelyna flying Kirin 24/7?


I think we all are now…