Valentine's Day Official Discussion Thread


Maybe you should spend more time fixing the issues rather than wasting time on this pointless window dressing.


Well I might be wrong but changing the flamethrower on uvs to this heart crap has given his attack a much slower speed, when activating rampage it feels like normal.


PG, u should create something that throw out roses thorns🌹when firing. Check loading on servers before launch out new ideas… Lmao.


I really dont like the valentine’s theme as well, too much hearts out there… @Arelyna is there any way we can get an option to turn this off? I mean yeah we should have a choice and not something to be forced upon us :face_with_hand_over_mouth::hugs:


most definitely NO.


Heartsthrower and Firehearts are cool but pls, give me back the original Rune’s skin.


Are the red envelopes only between teammates?


The pink hearts should have been a purchasable option


Or for real profit, make turning them off a purchasable option… :grin:


The post says friends AND teammates, so I would be lead to believe it’s anyone.


I’m sure I’m in the vast minority, I actually like the pink hearts and the explosion of hearts when towers are destroyed. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

However, they really should have made it optional and allowed people who don’t like it to turn it off.


Either way, I’d be a lot happier than I am right now


Last time we had the option of turning off something it was problematic… winter landscape I think it was.

I’ll deal with hearts for a couple of weeks. Barely notice them anymore after a few runs.


Duskfall map, actually, and yeah there were issues at the beginning.


I like too but i want my original Runes and Glyphs…


Although I thought this is not possible anymore I am absolutely shocked by the disrespect PG shows to their customers, again! We have a pile of bugs that is higher than the Mount Everest and PG puts valuable resources to produce something ONLY very young girls (potentially) appreciate.

I feel like I got slapped in my face when watching my drags fire hearts and the next moment game freezes when trying to open Atlas…


I must have a visual glitch my surt and his spells just shoot :poop: now.


Reminds me of a nicki Minaj song… :rofl:


Pixel hearts are affecting your mental health?..

I agree they should have the option to turn off the hearts as it can cause some phones to operate sluggishly or people just don’t like it, but saying that these fake heart-spewing pixel dragons are driving people to suicide is so dramatic. :joy:


War Dragons employees don’t just consist of one team working on one thing at a time. For instance there might be a team for Atlas, seasons, Dragons appearance, spell visual effects, spell mechanism, player experience, bugs and so on.
While one team works on Dragon graphics, another works to fix bugs, and I don’t think you’d like an engineer specialized in bug bashing and coding to create a Dragon… :sweat_smile: They’re probably not good at it (sorry Fred…)