Valentine's Day Official Discussion Thread


Please keep it civil :hugs:


playing on IPAD, hearts every where

playing on Iphone X, no hearts any where

guess who’d be playing on the phone instead of the Ipad :eyes:


Love? One could argue that as one.



I think @forScience should do some ryuu puking hearts attacks on people. :joy::yum:


I mean…maybe @PGKharnyx would be down for this one.

We are currently still working on it. I am sorry this is taking longer than we had hoped.

VFX artists do not do bug bashing. There are engineers working on fixing issues.

Should be anyone in the game.


I’m having fun with this. After the initial burst of laughter I am now attacking bases while hollering “let me love you” special attack should have been kiss of death though :kiss: :boom:


Heart attack? :heart_eyes:


I am really enjoying it as well, it’s funny to watch things being destroyed by “love”. A bit dark, oops.


So many people up in arms over some freaking hearts. They’re just hearts people and they’re only temporary. Yes they should have an option to disable them (though it would probably work the same as the fall season theme where turning them off causing a glitch that breaks something). I’d love to be able to put little skulls or fireballs on the whelps

Are they necessary? No
Are they somehow offensive? No
Will they cause the end of the world? Nope
Are they kind of amusing? absolutely

Seeing an undead dragon like Necryx shooting hearts of doom is pretty funny. Im sure it will get old after a while but for now it’s pretty amusing. I do kind of wish we could make them bloody hearts but C’est la vie. The warrior’s stream of heart vomit is pretty amusing too.

Why does everyone seem to think that PG only has 1 group of people working on things? Not everyone from every department is working on the same project. Im fairly certain Crisis isnt working on coding issues. I think it’s a safe bet that the art department isnt working on dragon/tower balance.


They caused the end of the world for Hildr. It died on invader :sob:


Is not falling in battle a noble death for a Valkyrie?


@PGKharnyx @Arelyna Now it’s not really fun when all runes are displayed as the same…

Can we have different visualization for runes?

common = Red Heart
rare = Purple Heart
Epic = Blue Heart
Legendary = Pink Heart
Mythic = Green Heart

Still Valentine themed…


Good suggestion. It’s unfortunately a little too late to change it now, but we’ll keep it in mind for the future.

Speaking of, next time around, we’ll try to find a way for folks to “opt out” of festive VFX like this. The team understands that it’s not for everyone - luckily for those that don’t care for the Valentine look, it’s only temporary!


I find the hearts very amusing. Feels like every dragon is Axi or smth :sweat_smile:A nice funny touch for V-day spirit, I like a change of scenery!


Even a toggle between two options… red hearts and black heart options would have been fun. It would have been neat to see who chose what.


Are you guys thinking of doing fireballs like Necryx or Neptus style ones(the ones with the insanely cool effects) anytime in the future? I really liked their designs


You beat me to it. All I can see is the Pink Sugar Heart Attacks when flying dragons now.



So, in case other people missed it, the heart effect is fancy - heart spins and explodes into mini hearts, but I only saw it on my phone, not my iPad (only heart shots, no special end animation). Music is random to overwrite some other audio :stuck_out_tongue:


Aww, my ember lost her heart shots. Now she’s back to shooting boring fireballs. Maybe they only get a certain amount of love to share before they run out… I have been running her a lot grinding egg tokens :tired_face::broken_heart::black_heart:


Check on your chests/rubies scenario, LC mention a connection so I’m passing it along to you.