Valentine's Day Official Discussion Thread


? What connection?
I got heart projectile and chest drop just fine


The post before mine, the one I replied to from Blackfire, said no more hearts. So I seen on LC people saying once that happened they got rubies instead of chests. I passed info along so they could check if they were still getting chests or not.


Just tested. Heart vanished from Ember, but chests keep dropping.


my experience is the same as Orca’s. Everything works just fine.


Ummm they reverted all red/purple tier dragons back to normal projectiles. Along with chim and UVS.


:eyes: I guess it’s an easy way to tell who has evolved their ember above purple tier and who has not lol


Anyone having issues with sorcerer attacks not registering when swiping over towers? It seems like since the ugly hearts showed up I have to tap a tower like a hunter and then swipe to other towers to get the sorcerer dragon to target and fire. I’ve never had to lift my finger when swiping before. How am I supposed to lazy attack my invader when I have to keep lifting my finger to tap and swipe instead of just constantly swiping all over the screen?? I even cleaned my screen to make sure I dont have any bbq sauce residue from my delicious pulled pork sandwich from lunch. :joy::joy:


I wasn’t going to quite put it the way you did :joy:
But yeah I’m not a big fan of it either


Im actually getting quite a few chests. Got 2 golds in the last 24hrs from grinding missions

Maybe Ember broke up with her significant other and no longer wishes to support V-day


Personally I think the dev has different approach than expected.
They just made one valentine version projectile for each type (hunter, sorc, warrior).
As a result, all dragons with the same type have the same projectile (which certainly affect projectile speed for some dragons).


Wow, as many as I’ve gotten in about 20 months you got in 24 hours. Lol


Did you not get them during the Temple Raid event? That’s one of the biggest reason I love that event, because the chest drop rates are substantially better than any other even (or that is when chests actually can drop), including pretty decent gold chest drops


Nope I’ve only received 2 since I started playing this game


wow, that sucks. I got 8 last TR alone :scream::scream::scream:


Aww my Gunnar is not getting enough of love :cry:
Only two little popsy pinky mini behind instead of five.


Id just like to say nice job on the portrait, could we please get more portraits like this where there is no background and the character is larger and thus much easier to see because we dont have their entire body and legs shown? Seriously these ones stand out so much better and thus can be appreciated more. I wish Astrid had been larger so we could see her face better


When are you gonna turn the heart stuff off? It’s kinda hurtin my eyes now :sweat_smile::face_with_hand_over_mouth::face_with_hand_over_mouth::hugs:


Here, let me read the linked OP so you don’t have to:

Special Valentine’s Day visual effects will be going into effect starting this Tuesday (February 5th, when the 4.95 Update is released) until February 16th.

Assuming PG’s SF frame of reference, that’s tomorrow, 3.5 to 27.5 hours from now. (I’m surprised they’d do a change on a Saturday if they don’t have to, though. :thinking:)


Magic of automation, though pity the person on call, if something goes wrong.


Weekend guy: ok, I just have to turn the hearts off. I think this is what they said to do…

System: All hunters removed from the game

Weekend guy: … umm …
writes a note blaming it on Josh the intern and sneeks out of the office