ValiantLegends wants you!

ValiantLegends is an awesome Plat 1 team that needs a couple of new players to replace some players taking a break.

I would much prefer an active player over a big player. If you are active, and at least in sapphire (any lower and you may struggle in PvP events), feel free to apply (Or contact me in game).

Thank you and happy flying.

End of event time. Contact me if you are considering a move. (And you meet the stuff I said above :wink:)

I’m bumping my own thread because I just found 2 more spots on my team :slight_smile: Message me in game if you are active and looking for a home,

No level requirement?

Reasonable for Plat 1. Like I said above, active members over big guys :slight_smile: as long as you won’t need backup for every single pvp run, we can help you grow.

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