Valid thread closure

Can someone explain why a thread on ridiculous thread flagging was closed without a considered or thoughtful response from PG. instead the player base was censored and threatened.

The consensus was that flagging for stupid reasons was out of control and yet PG elect not to address the issue. To make the point they flagged the post to prove that their is zero scrutiny of rampant censoring of posts.

I, and many others would appreciate a considered response to a genuine issue


AFAIK, the lock is Discourse’s feature.

Are you talking about the post where you called certain members of the player base “Snowflakes”?

Maybe try again without the namecalling :thinking:


People been called much worse. Snowflake is barely offensive.

Not saying they should be called that but snowflake is not offensive.


Agree, there are much worse things to say and I didn’t use them. Mike summed it up well. Generally the thread was full of people replying tongue in cheek…

But remember to criticize ideas, not people.
Unfortunately, the FAQ doesn’t say that only offensive one will be flagged, so the staffs/mods have the right to moderate it.

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People say things that are mean all the time.

For example, many start with “no offense but…”

The thing after the but is usually frigging offensive. Just a line that they use to kinda camouflage the mean-ness.

I’d rather see a straight forward hater than a hypocritical nice guy


But all,sorts of things are being flagged that are not offensive. That’s the point. And it’s kinda hard to point out a problem with people doing this without mentioning ppl…



You aren’t PG, so but apparently have a high opinion of yourself.

First off you don’t know who flagged what. Secondly I personally think your tone and attitude reflects very poorly on you and what you’re trying to communicate. Perhaps change yourself instead of going off on a rant?


Charmin tissue will be Charmin tissue


Lol it’ll be funny to see who flags the most on forum.

Flagging, aka “read this!” :joy:

That offends me greatly

Haha yes it would. Also would be funny to see who got the most flags… :joy:

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Case in point. Thanks for supporting my point.

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Hey, like Capture the Flag! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Then try.
Blaming the post is okay, but never blame the poster.

A bad post can come from a good person and vice versa.

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You can’t identify who flags so not sure that’s relevant . No one is singled out.