Valley Stream Fest

Hi, having a War Dragons Fest at the Valley Stream State Park in New York.
When: Sept 8th. Time: 1 - 4 pm
BBQ hamburgers and hot dogs, bring your phones or iPads if u like. WiFi available
Games and giveaways… just look for the picnic table with dragon eggs !
Host: SwiftDefeater

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Man wish I were back home I lived in Baldwin…just a short drive away… have fun!!!

We had a small turnout, wish more that signed up to come …actually came. Or at least email me back telling me they couldn’t make it. I lugged a lot of food and drinks to park for nothing. Whoever reads this, and having next war dragons festival gathering, have people confirm 2nd time. My advice. It’s rude to not at least say sorry can’t make it, pretty disappointed. But we did have an awesome time for those who did come, one all the way from Maryland to New York!

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