Value packs and event profits

Hey folks,

Recently, I have been wondering what is better to get: event value pack (such as current one, with inner fires, energy packs) or the one with speedups? Rubies amount is the same, price is also not changed. I just wonder if its better for me to get event one or speedups one.

I am level 56~ as of this moment. I only use speedups on Fortification events. On the other hand, I’d really like to reach Avyx platinum or sapphire stone (at second protrait at the moment, went for Leos till platinum first, when it was discounted). I will surely buy some Sigil Chests at the end of the season, but I wonder what will benefit me more in regards to obtaining sigils through events. Fortification event with many speedups, or Conquer the World with lots of inner fires and possible coins from gold chests?

I am not a very big spender, but I always donate some money for games I enjoy playing, so I have no problem in purchasing one big value pack each month or so.

Would love an advice on this, thanks.

You already pay a subscription right? They don’t need your “donations”.
Save your money and go on a vacation with your partner. Take them out to dinner and drinks, get crazy at the beach at night or private jacuzzi.

Oh and save your rubies! Use them with the sigil chests if you really want to invest on your event dragon.
Save the speedups from event rewards!



Yeah. I am elite account owner but since I am low level, I cant score too much on any event. Doing my best but I wonder if PvP or Fort is bettet for me.

And dont worry about my finances :smiley: Have enough for anything. I just dont blindly put much money into anything, only once in a while when I really want to achieve something in game but level or time limits me.

Well, here is this game in a nutshell:

  • The more money you spend, the less skill and patience you need.

I will still vote for the jacuzzi and vacation…


Speed ups with rubies

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I vote speed ups with rubies

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I have been purchasing what is better for the event. Inner fire and energy packs are better because the more points you get, the higher the prize level. This also equals more sigils. You will get PLENTY of Timers through the Gold Chests. More Mega Attacks you can do, more points. Also, if you have enough inner fire, use 3 dragons with inner attached. You can stack your points up that way; just be careful they can go quick at using 3 a run but it does help. The lower attacks that require only 4 energy, with 3 dragons attached with inner fire, will get you 500-600 points easy.

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