„Value packs“ for breeding?


Is this a joke? Why would anyone buy Battlecry spells? :imp:

Where are the normal breeding packs?


To become more powerful. Says it right on the pack name.


Reinstall if a restart doesn’t work. You’re also probably stuck getting rubies instead of chests.


I restarted the game, reseted my Ipad, reinstalled the App. Still showing th same crap. Oh but I can select between Battlecries and Trebuchet resists. :roll_eyes: lets see what support does. :roll_eyes:


Damn 110 euros = $128 US, that’s crazy, what a rip off.


I have the same issue. The packs are screwed up

Reinstalling does not work


Was just going to issue the same comment. No pennies coming from my pockets for these BS packs.


Restart fixed it. Fyi


I only have the pack with trebuchet resist. No way I’m buying that lol


What do you expect? They are nit gonna give you anything usefull… :laughing::laughing:


Tariffs on packs🤷‍♂️


I had same trouble yestrday on my iPhone, logout from game, uninstall it and remove all data, also clear cash and history. It worked for me. Goodluck :slight_smile:


You have 201k tokens. Why do you need a pack? :joy:


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