Value packs tracker

Hey everybody, seems like PG is changing around value pack components. Let’s keep a track of what we get in what event here.

17 January 2018 breeding (courtesy of @MareZ)

Conquer the World event 24 Jan 2018. Yes I get shafted for being in Australia - and those are Android prices - Apple prices are even worse…

Fortification 31 Jan 2018

Fight Pits 7 Feb. Tokens is 1250 in the Ruler Pack

Breeding 14 Feb. Dragon Master pack has 3x food packs


Feeding 7 March: Springveil starts!

Breeding 14 March

Team Gauntlet 21 March - tokens is 1250 just like last time

Fortification 28 March. Same as previous.

KOTH retirement party :cry: 4 April


You need a screenshot of the 35k one (Ruler Pack) to show apples to apples. I know it used to have 11 good chests and 11 silver chests and some timers. It now has 13 gold chests and 13 silver chests and I think more timers.

I think they are both valued the same but they delivered 800 Ruby’s in chests and timers.

It’s right there. RHS. U can see all inclusions. Price obviously same as destroyer pack

Yes more gold chests less rubies. I prefer this pack actually.

I mean the before picture. This is an after and I only see one screenshot.

And the destroyer is only useful to compare to other pvp gold pack destroyer, but ruler is universal.

Yeah I didn’t have the before pic from last event unfortunately. But gotta start somewhere I suppose! :joy: I’ll keep adding to the original post every week.

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January 2018 breeding event

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Architect pack looks good, if you are a buyer.

Original post updated with latest packs

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Updated for latest

I stopped tracking these a while back (after I noticed differences with IF/energy/gold chest amounts), and you’d need to match these to events via an event calendar but if you want (click for full size view):

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Post updated.

@PGCrisis why is it that my alt has different xp potions and food pack amounts in the Dragon Master pack vs my main? Are these rewards now scaled by level? Please confirm as these are paid for with real money and should be consistent regardless of player?

These have always been scaled by level since they were introduced.


:thinking: ok. Not sure I totally agree with that but I can see why.

Sense behind this is that a lv 6 who buys this pack could instantly expert his red or purple dragons with those higher xp potions.

This scaling effect is legit imo but I know what you mean.

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The more I think about it the more I feel it should be the same regardless of level. Reward scaling already happens in game eg lumber/food packs in gold chests. That’s a good thing. However purchased packs should be consistent across all levels. So what if a level 6 gets a 200k xp potion? It’s their choice how and when they spend it. Anything paid for with real money should be consistent for all players.

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Id rather them remove them entirely from value packs then set them as one flat value.


When I started out, all five accounts I opened progressed at different levels and all had variations in item quantities for same packages each week. The feedback I got from the infamous support team was that they were designed to increases as the players level needs increased…which, from a certain perspective is true, but it’s equally true to say that it inhibits rapid ascension and, therefore, provides the potential to entice more spending. Either way, the attempt is to provide incentive to spend on the perceived value packs instead of the standard ruby packs…which I thought nobody would be foolish enough to buy, let alone argue their merit, but at least one former teammate insisted they were better smh.

Fact is, PG can set price points however they like, for any reason…they don’t even have to respond to consumer outcries or diminished sales (though they do and should). Think of it like going to a bar on Lady’s Night…or Dude’s Night I suppose… one group appears to be getting favored as the pricing structure significantly favors one group (free drinks, all-you-can eat oysters/wings/etc.). The other group can either be offended and feel cheated/discriminated against, or take the perspective that if they go with a date or friend of the opposite gender, the total cost would be less than going on a different night…in that scenario, there’s also the squid perspective that they can possibly ‘get lucky’ and meet someone sufficiently lubed up that they fantasize about going home with them in hopes of…well…not being vomited on

Updated. Sorry I missed a few events!