Vampiric touch bug

I’m not sure if this is only specific to Rhyo or if the spell and/or the boost are also broken, but when Rhyo picks up Vampiric Touch and you drop a bunch of towers, the HP bar never moves. Ever. And it’s a 3 rage spell.

Vamp doesn’t work if any summon/dodo/hellspawn is used. So yes its a Rhyo thing + a Kinnarus thing + a any other dragon that has summon thing.

Or it could be a summon thing or a vamp thing…either way this spell is broke if summon etc is used.

well, thats lame… it picks it up from towers either you or the minion kill. It’s kinda hard to avoid that much of the time.

They either need to fix it or change the spell to one that works.

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Yes I would agree - unfortunately Rhyo has the poor combination (in this case) of Hellspawn and Extract Essence… :man_shrugging: Extract essence should never be on a dragon where you cannot control the timing of tower destruction… One of the stupidest spell combos out there.

@PGPulse Not sure if this is in your domain? Maybe it could just be a third chaos XD

I used to love vampiric touch. I used it on amarok and Tarand. But after the last couple of updates it doesn’t work like it used to. … I wish they would fix it back to the way it used to be.

It was fixed in 3.40 for healing 1000x what it should.

Or so they claim. It was useful… now it is a garbage spell. regardless of why, PG should have boosted it when they “fixed” its glitch to at least keep it as being a somewhat Okay spell.

Heck yeah…I will try it again and see. I used it a couple weeks ago and it only gave a hair of blue. I got my fingers crossed lol. Thank you for answering back😀

I use drakius quite often and don’t find much issues with vamp except in the situations I mentioned above.

However recently I’ve noticed sometimes it doesn’t work even when running solo. Will investigate and report here if I find anything.

Continuing the conversation here:

@PGEggToken On Moonfang his Full moon was working fine before the last update.

Shortly after the update roll back for the tower issues I was following a team mate to assist with xp. He was using Volcan and never used a spell, swiped a few times and hit swap. I came in with Moonfang and started hitting a tribusha (spelling sorry) Then activated Full Moon moved to fire torrents approximately 4 and a farm, killed them but never gained any health, moved forward hit perch, then another couple towers and 3 lightning.

Hit Full Moon again on the lighting towers killing 2 no health and 3rd lighting killed me.

Have finished the base with him since he was around 20 with no issues, now he is maxed at garnet, untill I get to emerald and die that quick. not working right.

I’ll try tonight and video some runs for demostration

@PGEggToken I think you were a bit confused :grin:


@Kardul Probably. This is what happens with too many duplicate threads. :disappointed:

@DeadlySinsMHS Thanks, looking forward to a video of this happening. We had some leads that this was somehow related to Moonfang following a dragon with a summon spell, but if Vulcan was the lead, then it might be due to something else.

@PGEggToken The team mate I was following I chatted with, he actually had put summon on Vulcan and hit it at the start, which I did not see. Sorry about that. So same bug you all are aware of.


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