Vanguard player gets the tier for free?


This was in a group chat, not mine, and the links check out.

Edit: Anything marked as solution is by me to float up a PG response.

"Celebrate the players" pack
Open letter to PG
Special pack not to everyone?
A little help here please

I want free shit too


This cant be legit… it looks real but I really hope this isnt what theyre doing bcs oooooooooo i want a refund if theyre giving away dragons for free and im breeding ONE SINGLE DRAGON FOR 175k A POP!!! :rage:


Also does it say how long the person was gone before they got this offer? It might be better to leave the game than to grind out tiers if you have just started a new tier…


This is an active player.


…if there isn’t a very good explanation for this, I predict that there will be a lot of people becoming candidates for this special promotion, because we’re all going to uninstall.


Wholy shet WhAtTTt!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?


What?!? :t_rex:




No, the person has multiple vanguards :rofl:


What a lucky bastard to get an entire tier of end content dragons… for free.


Don’t forget the sigils.


That’s the wrong reaction. The right reaction is, “what a bunch of chumps we are for actually playing this thing.”


What an even luckier bastard. Oh, and let’s not forget that Ice flak tower. My base could use one of those…


It can’t be for real :roll_eyes:


I did try to warn you about being thankful earlier :frowning: sorry to not disappoint


It’s real.


Won’t this affect den caps/level requirements/etc if the person does get all these for free? Do they come as eggs or already hatched?
Actually, I think I’m asking the wrong questions. I think the right one is “What the hell?” :t_rex:


Would you believe I was just about to buy egg tokens cuz I felt great getting the new pack? Well now there’s no point


Rarely do I call something dumb … but this is dumb. Did PG not realize word would get out and the backlash? :face_with_monocle: