Vanguard player gets the tier for free?


actually I didn’t check bc I’m not sure how many rubies I got atm it’s around 40K so yeah… but it seems likely they didn’t give it.


Yeah exactly. Criticize them, get flagged.


This is what I got flagged for. There are cursing or trolling posts, but thiswas flagged:

On topic: I don’t want a thing “given” to me from PG. I just want the game to Work! It’s now looking completely unfixable. I’ve not spent a dime for a while and will not until it gets fixed. ALL OF IT!


Unfortunately we cant expect a decent answer right now as they continue to ignore us and this thread despite it being updated everyday…


Right now we have no updates. As soon as information is available that we can share, we’ll post something in this thread. We aren’t ignoring it, and we’re certainly not going to close it, but there doesn’t seem to be a ton of point in posting “nothing to update” daily.


Don’t you mean nothing to update since this thread was started 19 days ago?


Although against the rules. Any action/response is helpful, even if just to keep the thread alive.

Also, the core issues arnt new Jared. You should have already had a plan in place that you could report on long before this thread occurred. It’s the core issues that are the real issue here.


accurate? Or accurate, and when is PG going to realize that we aren’t just protesting the vanguard player getting a free tier, mistakes happen we get it. But with Pg they happen, and keep happening and happening and happening and you blow off all our efforts to point out what’s wrong and how you can help fix it. If it weren’t for my team and the players on it I would have quit this game months ago…


Just checking to see if anything tangible has been said by PG yet. Not surprised to see that there’s nothing new.

Side note, I’m not aware of anyone on my team getting a survey. Guess we just don’t spend enough for our opinion to matter.


Dont sell yourself too short, no ones opinion really matters to PG. :slight_smile:


Nov 7th this was opened and all the fan base up in arms.

Nov 27th - still nothing from PG other than “we’re working on 2019” and “we don’t have an official response”

But yet - you announce an event, people complain and then you CHANGE the event AFTER it’s been announced because of complaints … :thinking:

Bad form PG. Bad form.


Personally I’d welcome a daily update from PG reminding us they don’t care and don’t have the time to adequately respond to this.


Stolen this. :joy:


So I just want to be clear on this,

After 20 days, over 2000 posts and yet PG has zero to say except a very open ended response.

Perhaps one of the below might be a better one because at present it just appears you hope this will just go away and we will forget about it. Well we won’t, how on earth can PG think rewarding players who stopped playing with what many consider a massive treasure haul and yet us active players get crumbs

How about confirming something is actually being done and not just we are talking about it. Perhaps one of the below would be a good starter

We are working on a way to reconcile this please bare with us something IS being done about this
We have a plan in action (not just being spoken about) and I’m happy to say that we will release more information VERY shortly.
We understand your anger and that on reflection we realise that we have been directing our attention in the wrong direction and we WANT to make this right something is being done and we aren’t just fobbing you off.


more accurately its been 2+ years and tens of thousands of posts… Nothing in this thread is new.

Biggest issues can be tracked back to old forums (N-1 scaling/catch-up mechanics, better balance, general PG greed, lack of mechanic to change ones base, gap between whales and the rest, sub-league scaling… all of it)

Furthermore i wouldn’t count on much changing. LOTS of long time players quit when they released Garnet so fast after sapphire, including old iconic players like Amoeba. Those players all brought up similar or exact same issues that were covered in this thread. I cling to the hope this game will head in the right direction but… :disappointed:


Very true, ever since PG purchased this game it’s been this way


And yet, you’re all still here…


I have a 6 month lease on a room here… I’m not leaving until evicted :joy:


I see you’re back to trolling. I believe PGJared called you out as Panda?


Then can your team please act on this a little quicker…retention in this game is suffering. Thanks!