Vanguard player gets the tier for free?


You must be thinking of someone else. Otherwise, when did Jared say anything like that? Because I’m sure I’d remember if it had happened.


Is there any update to this travesty?


Take a wild guess :stuck_out_tongue:


Still nothing?


Allegedly there was a meeting today. But no actions were made for the General playerbase by their actions on the forums.


There are meetings every day :see_no_evil:


I had a meeting today.


I met with myself today in the shower. Continued the meeting through breakfast.


True. So PG is just gonna :see_no_evil::hear_no_evil::speak_no_evil:


If you give your employees free lunch stuff like food they will quit!


Yes… quit living :joy:


I have 4 to 5 meetins every day :roll_eyes:


I wish it was only 4-5 meeting every day.


Free lunch is exactly what PG does. Look them up on Glass Door. Based on PG’s theory that free stuff is taken for granted I’m sure their employees will all be quitting shortly.


Does this mean you literally have absolutely nothing to share with us? Not even a “We plan on doing something to fix this?” Because that hasn’t even been confirmed. All we know is some people who work for PG read the thread.

If there is absolutely nothing to share, then why? This should be a pretty big concern. That translates into “we are ignoring it” which is contrary to what you stated.


Today my atlas elite finally ended for the first time since I had atlas and got the typical message, “please purchase.” no PG not gonna purchase to renew my atlas elite. I’ve grown extremely tired. My elite ends in 45 days and I won’t be renewing that either.


Looks like we’ll be wishing Jared happy Christmas before there’s actually anything done about this.

We’ll then of course be banned because that’s the most reasonable way to respond.


PG accepting “Merry Christmas” and “Happy Thanksgiving”? Absolutely unacceptable after all its thread bumping isn’t it? :joy: :rofl: I see there is still nothing other than PG’s good old We’re working on it and We currently have no updates for you. Well PG, give us some updates on wtf y’all are thinking up on your isolated cloud and let us the f*ck in on what you’re thinking next because we can probably prevent you from fucking up this bad again if you let us know what you’re planning.


Don’t because then you’ll be bumping this thread with off topic posts.


Maybe if we quit now, we can get the new tier for free when it’s released!