Vanguard player gets the tier for free?


So - apparently the meeting didn’t go well?


Here we are - almost a month now


Meeting about meetings to meet about meetings?


There was a meeting on that


Actually the Earth Flak doesn’t make the storm tower pointless, together they form a formiable shielding if using a long island setup. More the issue is rarity of embers for all these flaks.


As a manager myself I would much rather here nothing to update rather than silence until something happens. This way we as a player base dont feel ignored.


Pre-meeting meeting first


But only if they have had the get together before the pre-meeting


Wait, can the earth flak and storm tower shield each other?

If yes, then what’s to prevent players from building a short island of level 1 towers to just invincible each other over and other? 1 farm/mill + 2 earth flaks + 2 storm towers sounds like it’d be invincible, you’d only need to protect 2 farms/mills to prevent an attacker from getting more than 50% right?

If no, then just ignore me and my ignorance. After all, it comes with quitting the game.

Either way, it sounds really bad…


No, they can’t

Edit: Can’t be placed on the same short island. Effects can overlap on long island only.


So an earth flak is just a storm tower that hits harder?


It’s basically a combination of a storm tower and ice tower


Actually they can if set up on a long island. Earth flak at the back of the front 5 and storm on the front of the back 5. They cant be on the same 5 place island together but their effects will cross over if set up as I stated.


Oh yeah, you’re correct. I was thinking in terms of a short island based on this:

But back to this thread, still nothing on changes to the game to keep people around. The Atlas updates just released were good, but minor compared to the issues identified here. @PGJared do we have an estimated time for an announcement of some kind? Especially considering the gear quests was changed literally immediately after it was brought up in the forums. Seems more and more as though things that benefit the player are removed immediately, regardless of priority level. Even if it was a very simple fix, that looks really bad.


To be fair, the type of change we’ve been asking for generally doesn’t happen in a minor update like this. 4.90 was a big update. 4.92 was a smaller balancing update in response to 4.90. We could probably expect something useful for 5.00. I just hope it’s massive. Pls.

Pg could certainly do something sooner than that though, if they so choose :slight_smile: The results of @PGJared’s big meeting are still shrouded in mystery.


Agree with you. That’s why I included this bit

Yet we can’t even get an announcement about what they’re doing big picture wise.


But all is forgiven now since they partially put atlas back to what it was before nerf 4.90 right ?


Of course,PG has em well trained.


Yes they can.


You’re late to the game Mike! Keep up :wink: Corrected myself in the second post lol. You are correct.


Still crickets from PG but I see where their priority is. They will quickly fix a bug that let’s people get legendary gear faster than using rubies because that MIGHT dip into their revenue but they will keep other bugs that make it harder for us to play. Our reward for putting up with this is to watch people that quit get good stuff.