Vanguard player gets the tier for free?


Actually they can if set up on a long island. Earth flak at the back of the front 5 and storm on the front of the back 5. They cant be on the same 5 place island together but their effects will cross over if set up as I stated.


Oh yeah, you’re correct. I was thinking in terms of a short island based on this:

But back to this thread, still nothing on changes to the game to keep people around. The Atlas updates just released were good, but minor compared to the issues identified here. @PGJared do we have an estimated time for an announcement of some kind? Especially considering the gear quests was changed literally immediately after it was brought up in the forums. Seems more and more as though things that benefit the player are removed immediately, regardless of priority level. Even if it was a very simple fix, that looks really bad.


To be fair, the type of change we’ve been asking for generally doesn’t happen in a minor update like this. 4.90 was a big update. 4.92 was a smaller balancing update in response to 4.90. We could probably expect something useful for 5.00. I just hope it’s massive. Pls.

Pg could certainly do something sooner than that though, if they so choose :slight_smile: The results of @PGJared’s big meeting are still shrouded in mystery.


Agree with you. That’s why I included this bit

Yet we can’t even get an announcement about what they’re doing big picture wise.


But all is forgiven now since they partially put atlas back to what it was before nerf 4.90 right ?


Of course,PG has em well trained.


Yes they can.


You’re late to the game Mike! Keep up :wink: Corrected myself in the second post lol. You are correct.


Still crickets from PG but I see where their priority is. They will quickly fix a bug that let’s people get legendary gear faster than using rubies because that MIGHT dip into their revenue but they will keep other bugs that make it harder for us to play. Our reward for putting up with this is to watch people that quit get good stuff.


You just figured that out?


That’s what the latest patch is for ,just enough half way good stuff to draw attention away from this. Judging by the patch thread it’s worked .


No, I’ve been dealing with a broke game since the 4.70 update but I don’t someone with a complex telling me that I’m bumping a post being off topic. I’ve been commenting on this thread the whole time. I just want my game fixed.


People like you are why I really hate the forums.


What did I do? I was pointing out the game is and has been broken. I think you are mad at the wrong person. But hey do you


Hey folks, wanted to post an update. So, we have a big post about the general cadence of 2019 and what to expect, but that post is still being discussed with the GPF. (I sent it to them Friday evening and we’re having a lot of back and forth, which is totally fair. They have concerns and feedback and we’re trying to address that.)

My hope is that I can have a post up on Monday, but I want to make sure the GPF folks feel okay about it.

1st event of next season

Thanks for the update!:+1:t2::grinning:


Finally, an update that we can actually use… Thanks for letting us know ahead of time this round :+1:


I was so excited when I read this line…

This makes me nervous… :joy:
How many people are in this faction opposed to the entire player base I wonder?? :thinking:

Trying to understand what this has to do with this thread here??
Is this a solution to this post in particular ?


This, a thousand times this is everything player base wanted ! For anything to be discussed with GPF before it’s just thrown at the players with no regards ! Really feeling good about all the recent changes ! Keep it up!! :heart_eyes:


Some of the feedback in this thread has been incorporated into the cadence stuff in the post being discussed with the GPF. That’s all I can say right now.