Vanguard player gets the tier for free?


Nailbitter… :joy::joy:

Edit: wait what …

I’ve read all these posts… and I dont remember seeing anything about the cadence except reverting it back . Which was already done??
Hmmm… now I’m curious… I’ll read all 2k + again :joy:


Threads always go into crazy tangents, so they cover a lot of topics… things from old evo stones to 300+ wall and other topics. :stuck_out_tongue:

Just have to see if changes take place before cornerstones leave and more teams crumble.


Not event cadence…cadence was perhaps a bad choice of words. He means overall direction and changes for next year.

Also, the GPF is a good thing. Sampling of active players acroos the game who are very interested in a good game.


Yeah, he answered here:


Jared was referring to this (he may have posted this in the wrong spot)


Thanks guys, that makes a lot more sense…


Sorry, cadence means more than just events, but I understand how it was vague.


Doesn’t mean they listen to them :roll_eyes:


Great! Both because of the timeline to fix things and that the GPF is involved.
Thanks Jared and Team!




Probably misunderstands the meaning of cadence, maybe this will help:

Cadence ', in business -speak, is how often a regularly scheduled thing happens.

Or the rhythm of the game.



Can I have all tiers up to obsidian?
I am a loyal player, I bought several packs, I would honestly buy more if they wouldnt be overpriced as fk. And the good value packs are not for everyone.
I am breeding ursa and icicle for 260k next event. Such great great dragons. Real powerhouse. Especially ursa, I bet that sh*t will never be able to solo my lvl187 invader base.
We are literally breeding one flying piece of crap after another. Wasting millions of tokens on dragons that are not viable. Cant wait to tear up some real bases with Icicle :joy: :joy:
In the meantime you give free stuff to players that stopped playing. WoW
Satisfy your active players first!


Hey @PGJared - How about this…how about you give some extra stuff to those of us that slug it out in the game day in and day out…that spend hundreds or even thousands on this game? The ones that put up with all the crap you dish out to us in this game without quitting…even though we have every reason to quit, but don’t. How about a bonus pack if you buy 10 or something? Oh wait silly me…that was the 4.90 update that gave diamond teams a free pass to go and steamroll the level 4 and 5 castles. Too bad you guys can’t do anything for the majority of your player base…especially a lot of us who put hundreds each month into this game. How long do I have to quit for to get offered this package? Cause seriously, I am close to quitting anyway. And BTW PG…swag is a T-shirt or coffee cup…not a freakin entire tier of dragons and sigils! You guys should be ashamed of yourselves!


I for one am not too hopeful,about anything being discussed with the gpf. A secret group of players,most unknown to the base. Who can never discuss anything except tiny bits because of some unenforceable NDA. Here’s to crossing my fingers ,hoping it will be different this time.


I get enough snark from PG to have to deal with it from someone on the forums. Seems like the more I play the more broken my game gets. I now can’t get chests on top of not being able to hit in Atlas and live bases in PvP. I think I’m more than acutely aware of how terrible this game runs. Would you like to know what I have been offered for not being able to hit in Atlas for over 2 months ( that has also held me back in the main game)… nada.


Um. They’re pretty darn obvious… :joy:


They kind of have a title under their name that literally says Gameplayer Faction. I suppose we can rule out detective for your profession :joy:


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You’re welcome! :joy:


Can always count on grumpy. :see_no_evil: