Vanguard player gets the tier for free?


That seems a bit harsh. He was being a bit of a troll, however I don’t think your earlier comment about thread bumping was generally well received. I can’t speak for others here, but I thought it was a funny way to lighten the mood a bit considering how angry and/or somber things have been around here lately. :man_shrugging:


I don’t know, maybe this particular instance was a bit harsh, but as a whole, you gotta give Jared credit for his self control. If I had a pan, I’d probably be on the forums by myself cause y’all would all be gone. :rofl:


Fair play. Just thought I’d voice my unwanted opinion. Alcohol can have that effect. :rofl::joy::beers:


BANNED! Lol. I feel ya.


Now whilst we have been given nothing concrete we have been given the idea of confirmation of a plan.
THAT is what this thread has been asking for. Yes there has been complaining about fairness and asking for free stuff and general hate,(which is not helpful but understandable) and a no comment response every now and then. This does help as long as there is a document answering some of the concerns (you can’t answer all of them and new ones will happen) but thank you for this step.
Waiting patiently

The doctor


I dub this thread “Tiergate”.


Yes, GPF members all have a circular tag. It’s not an option that you can turn off but I’m sure that it could be manually turned off in the background on special request. The only time there would be question is if the player was in more than one special group (gpf and cf)


Any update on this?


Nope. They gave me some feedback that I have to discuss internally with the team.


I’ll take it. Thanks for the update


That sounds good. So tomorrow or Wednesday then?


Definately one of the days that ends in y anyways


I honestly don’t know. A proposal has been put in front of a bunch of the management team. I can’t promise when we’ll have a response. My hope is “very soon”, but I can’t make a statement.


Just announce it anyways! Sure it MAY get you in trouble, but you must admit it would be fun to announce without permission. Come on Jared, live on the wild side :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Finally a response and information. We do understand that not everything can be shared, and a response saying what is happening, proposal being discussed, and a soft timeframe is better than no information or the standard we looking.
You get the cold face if these topics but you should feedback to the faceless this is progress.
Thanks for the update and keep more of them coming
The doctor


Were they bribed with food?

:thinking: Or threatened with withholding food?

(also, marked the most recent as the solution just to float it up)


Wait I thought the cadence plan was ready to be announced,but was letting gpf look at it? Now it sounds like it’s been scrapped,and something totally new is being proposed?


Not exactly. The GPF made some recommendations and those are awaiting approval by management before being announced as part of the changes.


I appreciate the transparency, and knowing where this is at in the process. I am much happier having heard Monday as the proposed timeline, then told that has to be delayed because the GPF recommendations are up for approval from management. At least I know something is happening behind those doors. Keep these “promises” coming :yum:


I agree, and I certainly hope they listen to the GPF’s advice, which it sounds like they are doing - at least to some small extent.