Vanguard player gets the tier for free?


Oh, I’m not counting on anything. We’ll see what comes of these “talks” and go from there. I’m just happy to hear they’re running it by the GPF as they’d pretty much quit doing even that much.


Why do you think the discussion is solely around cadence? Is that the main theme of what you think has to be changed?


He’s (I think) referring to the business cadence, not event cadence. Meaning the plan going forward for War Dragons and the various fixes we’re hoping to see. Same terminology Jared used the first time.


Not event cadence, 2019 cadence. Ndawen is using the same word I did.


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Don’t do that. Let’s not devolve into infighting.


You’re “working” pretty late :eyes: do you actually get personal time? Or are you like a player in the regard that you don’t get to escape the game?


Nah I definitely got called out for that one :joy:

Considering I didn’t read context at all lol

I also didn’t read posts ~50 above. Since it’s 2000+ long there are definitely sections I missed and skipped


It doesn’t escape me that this could’ve been my thread :joy: gave forsci all the fun


Just to make sure.
Will there be any major change in gameplay?


I only give what I receive. I hope all the involved parties can get us something this week. I’m very interested in next year’s plan.


Personal time? Hahahaha this is my personal time.

I don’t know what you mean by that.


Like change in war mechanic, max member for each team, leadership mechanic, invader like base for non Atlas :crossed_fingers:


That’s not being discussed right now, afaik.


As long as you like us enough to deal with when you’re not in the office :joy: I like to make light of it because the same thing happens to me pretty often… I find myself on my computer sometimes at 10:30pm just to help out a client who inadvertently got my cell number


Hows those gingers coming along…
Off topic:

On topic… grr…vanguard tier… grr… something …something…


The badge returns :eyes:


I’m glad this is being taken seriously and you all aren’t rushing a solution. A thoroughly thought out and discussed plan (between GPF and the powers that be) that makes both sides happy will be worth the wait.


Maybe they are starting to put the game to its full potential. I would approve.