Vanguard player gets the tier for free?


well its about 30 euros… lets keep the facts straight. (not saying its cheap)


I’ll be waiting less than patiently to see how developers manage to butcher what GPF recommended.


I predict:

Balance you say? Oh we thought you meant imbalance in order to drive up demand. We will try to listen more carefully moving forward.


Who are you and what have you done with PG?? Actually talking with the GPF and CF?? Actually accepting feedback and hopefully constructive criticism and talking about it?? Is this the second coming of Jesus?? Fingers crossed this is the start of a new PG who listens to the players and realizes that blundering ahead like a blind person in a maze, won’t keep working out like it has in the past. :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers: :rofl:


Well they say they are… we don’t have any real proof yet


I am getting feedback from the GPF about what to have for dinner.


They better have said Pizza!


Or tacos


Taco pizza ?? :thinking:


Nah… just pizza & tacos


Any more word on this at this time?


Nope. Today is a bit of a slow-news day. Big focus on the update. Also we had a company all-hands so that’s eaten up time. The GPF folks have provided a lot of feedback, and the team is discussing internally before we can come back with something, so I’m not going to have much to update today (or likely tomorrow).


Don’t mean to sound rude, but it sounds like stalling.


In any case, everything that you’re discussing will take effect in 2019 or as soon as possible ?


They gave me some suggestions. But I chose to ignore them. I don’t even remember what they said.


Little bit of A, little bit of B. We gave them our idea for 2019 and they came back with both feedback on that and a desire to see more immediate change on certain things.


Alright thank you for the answer :+1:


To me sounds like a normal process, you can’t Implement right away what the players ask, even if it’s the gpf. You have to present feedback to management, I suppose also to technical teams, etc. It a ping pong that may take a while. As long as it moves, is okay


I’d accept that if these issues haven’t existed for 3+ years


Lmao a company all hands that took time from this topic. Right. So what was the all hands for?