Vanguard player gets the tier for free?


Nope. Today is a bit of a slow-news day. Big focus on the update. Also we had a company all-hands so that’s eaten up time. The GPF folks have provided a lot of feedback, and the team is discussing internally before we can come back with something, so I’m not going to have much to update today (or likely tomorrow).


Don’t mean to sound rude, but it sounds like stalling.


In any case, everything that you’re discussing will take effect in 2019 or as soon as possible ?


They gave me some suggestions. But I chose to ignore them. I don’t even remember what they said.


Little bit of A, little bit of B. We gave them our idea for 2019 and they came back with both feedback on that and a desire to see more immediate change on certain things.


Alright thank you for the answer :+1:


To me sounds like a normal process, you can’t Implement right away what the players ask, even if it’s the gpf. You have to present feedback to management, I suppose also to technical teams, etc. It a ping pong that may take a while. As long as it moves, is okay


I’d accept that if these issues haven’t existed for 3+ years


Lmao a company all hands that took time from this topic. Right. So what was the all hands for?


Any update on this?


Not yet, sorry. Jared’s been in a bunch of meetings today and we’re still ironing out the messaging. We can continue to post updates and let y’all know the status!


Ok. Thanks


If it’s anything like the all hands at my company, it’s so VPs can talk about how great they are and how everyone should be excited to work there. :roll_eyes:


Much appreciated


Just an update: we’re working on some stuff that we think the GPF (and by extension all players) will enjoy, but it needs a bit more time to bake before it’s ready. Hopefully we’ll have something next week.


Don’t burn it :speak_no_evil:


This is what we are after. As long as you remember lots of faith in this sort of reply. There is a lot of anger and another broken promise won’t go down well.
So far the last couple of days the communication had been happening and that is what we have asked.
The doctor


Thanks for keeping us in the loop


This is a lot of build up to reveal your going to lower build times by 10min on towers
Over 65 and that as a show of appreciation we all get a silver chest…


If that’s really what it is, I’m going to stop respecting anyone that sticks around…