Vanguard player gets the tier for free?


It’s really a shame that loyal players get nothing and the quitters are rewarded. Bet that nothing happens until after discount dragon is over. Don’t spend. It’s the only way we get results.


I lost respect for all those still playing years ago… myself included


I can’t imagine how you feel about players like me who started and stuck around in the last year. :joy:


They are just too ignorant to know yet… they’ll learn


I haven’t, you haven’t… what now?


Or maybe we’re just that masochistic?


stands in front of dungeon door

Never that :eyes:


And here we thought that leaving was a choice :joy::joy::see_no_evil:


Welcome to the Hotel California


No need to leave. I’ll Just go from every divine mythic to saving and only getting hunter seasons. Discount and occasional hunter mythic without spending should be pretty easy really. I’ve already saved significant funds and realized what an idiot I was spending like that.


It’s very early in PG time but I am expecting an announcement later today… I hope I’m not disappointed :blush:


They said this week… I wouldn’t hold my breath on it being today


Friday EOB most likely :joy:


As long as it’s a well thought out, well studied, and well discussed solution… I have no problems waiting. I just hope they seriously listen to what the GPF has to say and takes those opinions into serious consideration.


An apology is not enough, clearly the entire forum who has read this is beyond livid. It really is an unfair advantage that is being given to a “select few”. This really is akin to cheating only its more like sanctioned cheating. If you had wanted to incentivize players that stopped playing maybe give them a few thousand egg tokens, let them know that bugs have been fixed - don’t give an entire tier of dragons that the rest of us spend days collecting tokens for. @PGCrisis is anyone going to do anything more than just a blanket apology? The entire way this relationship works is reciprocity or at least HOW it should work. I’ve read this entire thread hoping that we the players would get more than just “sorry - we messed up”. Its not even about the ENTIRE tier that was given away. Its insulting to know that hard work and time spent means that little to you all. I have a lot more to say on this and how awful this makes us “grinders” feel but I doubt any of you actually care, since clearly the work that the CF and DevTeam put to make that tier means nothing too, since it can be so easily just given away.


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Maybe delete this too


I don’t have my hopes up too high, but this is long overdue. I wouldn’t be surprised if they offer a half assed solution or apology at the end of the day on Friday. I’m expecting better though :yum:


I wish too but dont think will happen

they might bring few changes but not compensations


I’d much rather have actual changes than compensation at this point. Other than the egg token boost compensation I can’t think of a time that them giving compensation has actually really helped anything. If they present us with a plan that helps to retain both new and old players (so that includes fixing the 300 wall), that’s about the only thing that could “fix” this for me.